Indications of an Unfortunate Workplace


Going to work is a daily routine. It is how we earn our income and how we are able to provide for our families. However, we all expect that our working environments should be friendly, inspiring and relaxing. In reality, they are not.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have extremely well-organized working environments. They have different rooms painted in different colors, places where employees can take a nap and relax, and common rooms where employees can mingle. Does your workplace look the same?

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The answer is most likely: not even close. Like most of us, you are probably stuck on a 9 to 5 job, where everything is the same. Same office every day, same people, same papers on your desk, the same amount of pressure from your boss. But believe it or not, things could get worse. What if your work environment was toxic, unfortunate and miserable, or even hostile?

Every third American suffers from having to work in a hostile work environment. If you have reasons to believe that your work environment is hostile, speak with our Los Angeles employment law lawyers as quickly as possible.

Here are a few indicators of a hostile and unfriendly work environment.

#1 Aggressiveness

As soon as you come to work, you feel tensions in the air. The way your coworkers look at you makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Everyone seems to be aggressive and unfriendly. This is a common indicator that your workplace is unhealthy and hostile. This will affect your productivity, set you in a “fight-or-flight mode” and make you feel home-sick. Yes, you will wait for that last minute to punch-out and get out of there.

#2 Disorganization

If one or more employees are exhibiting a lack of personal organization, this will affect the general mindset, focus, and structure of the entire workforce. There can be no hard work and progress without great discipline and work ethic.

#3 Unprofessional Colleagues

If your fellow employees do not take their job seriously, or love to chat and gossip, it may be time to visit the HR department’s office and, in good faith, file a complaint. This may change your status among your colleagues, but if successful, it will create a healthier and better work environment.

#4 Your Boss is Against You

Does your boss support your ambitions and your hard work? Every employee has a dream and ideas about their future and their lives. Crushing those will affect the employee’s desire to become a better and more efficient worker. A boss who does not support their employees automatically makes the entire working environment “toxic” and unfriendly.

Is your work environment hostile and unfriendly? Do you see yourself working there in a 10-year time? Are you willing to do something about it? Reach out to your superiors and file a complaint about your workplace. If they refuse to help you or ignore your request, contact our employment law attorney Los Angeles and seek legal help and protection. You may be eligible to file a claim against your employer. Let our attorneys evaluate your case and tell you what to do next. Call today and find out your legal options.