Insights to help you launch a ride-sharing app like Blablacar


Are you agog about starting an online taxi business that is eco-friendly? You may think about what a taxi business has to do with eco-friendliness. Usually, we can achieve eco-friendliness when we commute on foot or use e-scooters or bicycles. Yes, they are absolutely eco-friendly. But ride-sharing is also a means of saving fuel and establishing eco-friendliness. Agree?

Carpooling services, a.k.a the ride-sharing services, are given importance as riders can save a substantial amount of money. Blablacar is a very reputed ride-sharing company that operated with the motive of mapping empty cars seats with riders. Of course, the ride-sharing services saw a dip like any other transportation services due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, the services will bounce back soon, thereby providing cheaper transportation facilities for riders.

Create a ride-haring business with the ready-made Uber clone

Quick deployment of your ride-sharing business can be guaranteed by the ready-made Uber clone app. Before that, you need complete planning of your requirements and ensure you suffuse some uniqueness to the app. First of all, ride-sharing services are common and so you must have a great marketing strategy to catch customers. Next, you need to carry out competitor analysis, and business model selection.

If you can manage your customers with your own fleets and drivers, then you can go ahead with the independent business model. If you are not upto that stage, you can very well adopt the aggregator model as your core job will be launching the app and managing the overall ride-booking and other activities.

Finally, you need to discuss the features your app will need with the development team. Generally, ride-sharing apps will house the fare calculator and fare split-up features. A location tracker, a live map, feedback system, analytics dashboard, etc., are the other features that will be available in the ride-sharing app like Uber.