Introduction of Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra

Who is Kuran Malhotra?

Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra is an experienced tutor in today’s date. He offers his tutoring skills in a wide variety of subjects. He was a member of the Livingston High School’s batch of 2016. Later on, he graduated with a final GPA of 4.5. He was one of the top students to achieve such a high GPA.

His scores for the SAT exam as well as the ACT exam were within the 99th percentile, due to which he offers to tutor for these exams as well. Being a student at Georgetown University, he tutors over the winters and the summer vacations along with Skype during the school year as well.


Kuran Malhotra is a bilingual graduate from Georgetown University (McDonough) in the School of Business. He graduated in Business Administration (BS) and was included in the Dean’s list for his majors in Finance and Operations and Information Management, along with the minor being economics. The combination of subjects was tough which led him to the Dean’s list and made him a popular graduate.

Hobbies and interests

Except for academics, he was into art and photography as well. He expressed his emotions about the world around him through his photography and camera lens. Furthermore, he was interested in photography way before he entered college. However, when he was in University, he managed to turn his interest into a passion. Moreover, he is known as the person who thrives to become better in everything he did, whether it is a hobby or a passion, and takes an active role in his interests.

He likes to educate himself on new aspects of life, especially the parts that attract him the most. He further took part in monochrome photography and started expressing himself and the world through his photographs. Along with monochrome photography, he worked as a fashion photographer for a local business and took part in photoshoots.

Moreover, Kuran spent years advising small businesses and developed some financial management processes as well as process automation in business. This made him more focused on fusing finance and technology.

He also became increasingly focused on fusing technology and finance, as he had experience in advises small businesses, and also took part in the development of financial management processes, along with the process automation within the businesses.

His interests also ranged from learning Spanish, web development as well as horse racing. He utilized his experiences along with a huge range of knowledge of business operations as well, specifically to push the boundaries which show technology being utilized by fusing with finance.

Skills and experiences

Kuran Malhotra possesses a wide range of skills, which includes programming inclusive of HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, and Python. He has experience in financial underwriting, data analysis along many other things. Like programming and developing websites for women’s fashion businesses. He also leveraged most of these skills and began his initial working stage with small businesses in the community of New Jersey.

His list of experiences and skills in today’s date included him working as a barista at a high-end coffee shop near the University he graduated from and then worked his way to rebuilding the accounting system of the Intersect Fund. He upgraded his way to becoming a Financial Security Advisor.

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