Know How Your Child’s Day Nursery’s Play Area Makes a Difference

Considering the current situation, then even we all can observe around us kids watching television or playing on iPads. Such activities in routine have made the children spend more and more time indoors. The dramatic increase in the count of such children has highlighted the negative impact, which is also mentioned in several online resources. In simple words, being stuck to mobile phones, iPads, or television is affecting their growth and development. 

Simultaneously, the best way to keep your children in minimal contact with these technologies is to engage them in outdoor activities. Else, if you are considering enrolling your children in a well-established nursery in Preston, then the outdoor play area is a feature that you should look for. Here we have listed a few areas that outdoor play nurtures in a growing kid. 


Outdoor play encourages a child’s creativity. Wondering how? When they are away from the confinement and constraints of the indoor gadgets routine, their imagination stimulates more healthily. Play toys and objects in the environment readily tap their level of creativity.


The foremost benefit that comes along is that your child’s learning abilities are developed in the best manner. Presence of educational equipment in a soft play area can make them learn pretty soon. Yes, it is a fun way to learn new things and equip skills as the child gets a chance to master several forms in their early years. 

Social Skills 

If we compare, then outdoor play areas in most of the daycares in Preston care are relatively less crowded than the indoors. It is merely less intimidating and helps the child to come out of their shells, explore, and be more social. It means that the child willingly wants to participate in play activities and games while communicating with their mates and making new friends. Ultimately, the child also gets to learn how to respond to their fellows when they are under a qualified mentor’s supervision.  

Improved Well-Being 

Given the freedom of playing outdoors or soft play areas makes a child calmer and happier. Yes, more than any parent can imagine. A prevalent benefit is that your child gets enough dose of Vitamin D, which mainly is responsible for building a positive mental attitude. When your child comes with an extra level of energy and happiness, that means they can nimbly focus on everything they do or participate in. 


Along with so many other benefits, children often feel and be more active while playing outside. This eventually helps their bones, muscles, and fitness levels to grow and improve. Also, soaking enough sunlight in the winters keeps them away from issues like Rickets. 


Most likely, every renowned day nursery in Preston has a dedicated play area, which is usually large in space. At times, they might stay away from mentor’s supervision. It helps them to participate independently and interact well with other children. They adapt how to take turns, how to negotiate, and being self-reliant enough. 

Explore, Explore, and Explore

No doubt, many parents might find outdoor play a bit risky. However, using slides, trying play trails, and using playing equipment helps a child in learning new things while pushing their boundaries and becoming fine at risk assessment. A child will not only explore new activities at an accredited Preston Nursery but will also become confident while trying and mastering new skills.