Landing Page Optimization: Things You Need To Know

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages of your site are the first points of contact for your audience.

They are the key components of online marketing campaigns. A landing page is especially designed for generating sales and capturing the leads.

In fact, these are frequently the primary destinations of paid online marketing campaigns.

It is for this reason that you should keep your best foot forth while creating the landing pages. Now a landing page is especially created page for the main goal of paid online marketing campaigns.

So if you are experiencing leftover carts and the bounce rate of yours is going through the roof, it is time to revive your landing page.

Now, these landing pages are the primary destination of paid online marketing campaigns and a lot of resources and money are spent on driving traffic to the pages.

But how do you improve the rates of conversion?

With the definitive, authoritative, ultimate Landing Page Optimization steps you can actually see the difference.

Optimizing the landing page makes sure that you achieve the highest possible rate of conversion from the visitors arriving at the landing page.

LPO or Landing Page Optimisation can also lead to lowering customer acquisition costs, acquiring more customers and maximizing the value of your ad expenditure.

So how to begin with the Landing Page Optimization or LPO. Let’s take a look.

  • Send People to Relevant & Targeted Page – Your homepage is the hotchpotch of goal-oriented communication. Now with that in mind, you should refrain from sending people as it is better targeted at the inquisitive explorers rather than people clicking from AdWords or banner link. Think about one message, link, or goal or one action. Therefore this calls for a new page – a landing page.
  • Craft a Benefit-focussed Headline – Almost 7 or 8 out of every 10 people visiting the page can bounce off. In order to keep the bounce rate low, the visitors must know and comprehend what is in it for them within just seconds of arrival. Your headline is the foremost thing that should concisely and clearly communicate the value of the landing page as well as the offer you are making to your target audience.
  • Use Videos Wisely – Video is a hot entity in the online world and it is used for a while now. But you should be aware of the downsides if you are using the videos for your landing pages. Videos do succeed in communicating certain offers. But if your video usage goes wrong you could not be just hurting the rates of conversions but the brand, too. On the other hand, a well-produced video can act as social proof and enhance the brand’s credibility. But the wrong video production can flip the picture and can act as the negative social proof which is not appreciable.
  • Simplify the Landing Page – Though counterintuitive, a simple landing page does away with the visual clutter. Optimise the landing page in such a way that your visitors focus on the Call to Actions or prize. You can follow DropBox’s landing page examples that speak volumes without many words.
  • Opt for Big Changes – Remember that just modifying the small changes like button shades and testing button texts may not bring in big improvements for your business. But if you want the conversions to enhance you must test
    a. Tagline & Headline
    b. Page Structure
    c. Overall Design
    d. Page Length
  • Keep the Call to Actions Simplified – Your readers should not be stressed or confused by the Call-to-Action or CTA buttons on the landing page. You should make the offer concise, clear and obvious. It is usually seen that readers usually avoid complicated offers or fancy language. Instead opt for the simple words, offers or phrases like –
    a. Join to Download
    b. Pick Up Here
    c. Join Now

These are simple yet effective measures.

  • Be Consistent – Just like the ad copy must match with the landing page, they must also be consistent visually. The rest of the sales funnel should match up too. Once they complete what you ask for, consider the page that visitors are sent to.  Now if lead capture is the goal this should be a kind of Thank You page. This is the place where the tool you use to build the landing page plays a crucial role. A majority of landing page tools have huge template selections but they are usually designed in isolation. In the case of WordPress, you will get cost-effective plugins for the landing pages. Not just that you get a Thank You Page that is consistent with the landing pages and confirmation pages in most cases.

These are just some of the essential landing page optimization tips as suggested by the best SEO service experts who have been in the industry and know exactly what works and what not for gaining more conversions as well as the best ROI from the landing pages.