Loneliness the boss

Loneliness is something of all (ages): it is a problem that has always existed and occurs among teenagers, people in their twenties, adults and the elderly. Feeling alone is a nasty emotion that can make you sad and depressed. Do you want to be in control of loneliness? We give a number of tips.

Emotional and social

Feeling lonely often has to do with a lack of social contact. The number of social contacts does not match the number of desired social contacts, and you feel bad about that. Loneliness does not only occur if you do not have any contact. You can also feel lonely if you only have one friend but would like a full hand.
But loneliness is not always linked to a lack of social contact. You can also feel alone while you are among people. This emotional loneliness often results from the quality of the contact: for example, you experience this contact as difficult or superficial.

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Being lonely or feeling lonely

There is a difference between being truly lonely or experiencing feelings of loneliness. You don’t necessarily have to be lonely to feel lonely. It can help you realize that loneliness is often part of life. You are not alone; more than three million Dutch people regularly feel lonely. Although there is still a taboo on this subject among (young) adults, it is good to make your feelings open to discussion. Is there a friend to whom you can tell how you feel? Or a colleague, family member or neighbor? There is a good chance that you will be told that they sometimes feel lonely, which can strengthen you in your own emotions.

Loneliness cannot always be solved

There is no one way to deal with loneliness. The solution is connected to the reason for your lonely feelings. Do you have little or no contacts, but do you need them? You can make contacts through various channels, for example via the gym, internet or a community center. But loneliness cannot always be solved. For example, the loss of a loved one can cause very lonely feelings that you may always carry with you. In that case, it is advisable to learn how to deal with feelings of loneliness.

Talking about it, making new contacts and realizing that you are not the only one are ways to deal with loneliness. Do you have the idea that you are getting stuck and do you want help with your lonely feelings? The doctor can refer you for an interview with a mental health psychologist.