Make the right move hire a lawyer after a car accident

hire a lawyer after a car accident
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A moment is enough to change a life. Finding yourself in a car crash can be a catastrophic moment.  With luck, either you leave without any significant damage, or the accident can leave you with a life-long disability.

If you ever face a car crash, the first and foremost action is to check for injuries. If anyone is hurt, call the medical emergency team and call the police. After the initial medical attention, it is vital to understand the next steps for all the parties involved.

In the accident, if no one is injured and property damage is less than $1000, then with the other driver, you need to exchange the driver’s license and insurance details to file an insurance claim. Less-severe car accidents are often compensated through New York’s No-Fault insurance process.

If someone was injured, killed, or the property damage in the accident amounts over $1,000, first file an accident report with the police. Take a copy of the police report and submit it to the DMV. Irrespective of whether the other party has already filed a report with the DMV. You have ten days after the day of the accident to file the report. Not reporting can bring criminal charges against you irrespective of the accident, whether it is Manhattan, Long Island, or Mineola. The law remains the same across New York state.

However, all this is easier said than done. In such stressful situations, you will be tempted to skip all the paperwork to file the report, lawsuit, and insurance claim. Avoid this costly mistake and hire a car accident attorney in Mineola to help and guide you to get every cent you deserve.

Why should you hire a car attorney?

In addition to physical injuries and trauma, victims are faced with financial trouble. The medical bills and lost wages will drain you financially. If the car crash is due to someone else’s mistake, it only adds insult to the injury. 

The next step is to connect with an expert car accident attorney for severe accidents because a car accident attorney will help you navigate the complicated legal paperwork. Resistance will be there from insurance companies and other party’s attorneys to reduce the compensation. It is challenging to hold the other party responsible when their attorney is ferociously arguing against it.  And naive to expect the insurance company will pay the complete compensation. Hence hiring a car accident attorney in Mineola becomes inevitable.

Time limit

There is a time limit set to file your car accident lawsuit. A statute of limitations is a law that sets the time for the involved parties to start legal action from the date of the accident. In New York, the statute of limitations sets the time limit as three years, starting from the crash date. If the deadline has passed, the New York court will most probably dismiss your case. Extension of the deadline is only possible in rare exceptions. With your attorney’s experience, you can file a lawsuit without any hassle and without wasting time.


Filling the lawsuit doesn’t guarantee you will get the full compensation. The at-fault party will defend against the allegation. They will unquestionably try to prove your negligence. They will try to claim you partly at fault for the car crash.

You would need to fight these claims. To prove, you would need the right evidence. Hiring an attorney early on gives you a head start, as acting quickly in the case can have significant benefits on your lawsuit. Your attorney will collect evidence, interview witnesses for your claim, and present them to the judge. The evidence can include but is not limited to the accident report, camera footage, medical report explaining the injury, and multiple eyewitnesses. To support your argument and help get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Claim

Ideally, either your or at-fault party’s insurance company should pay the full compensation. Compensation can include medical cost, wage loss, or any other accident-related cost. However, don’t be surprised if the insurance company refuses to pay full compensation.

Insurance companies have competent lawyers and investigators to minimize compensation. You would need to stand up and fight for the full amount. Car accident attorneys are well-versed with these insurance maneuvers. They will negotiate on your behalf so you can get the amount you rightly deserve.

The complete resolution process can be lengthy, stressful, and overwhelming. Having some beside you certainly helps in preparing and fighting the case. That’s why we pay personal attention to each case. Consistent communication is what sets us apart. Whether it’s your case’s status, follow-ups with the court, or discussing your options, your attorney will also help you coordinate and communicate with the insurance company and medical professionals.

We understand it is challenging to recover from a severe car accident. If you are looking for a car accident attorney in Mineola, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or anywhere in New York state, contact us. Let us help you overcome these difficult times.