What is the Meaning of Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minority Students?


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The Merit Cum Means Scholarship provides financial assistance to the deserving and needy students belonging to minority communities to perpetuate their brilliant academic performance. Financial difficulties result in a high rate of early school dropout. By and large, meritorious students are unable to continue their education due to economic disadvantage. Therefore, both government and private institutions offer these scholarships so that no worthy students get left behind.

For parents with low or moderate income, it becomes prohibitively expensive in Abu Dhabi as the living cost is fairly high. Moreover, for minorities, it becomes more challenging to crack through these financial barriers and get the education they deserve. To lend a helping hand, several organisations provide monetary backing to the students of economically restricted backgrounds and minority groups in the form of Merit cum means scholarship.

 Merit Cum Means Scholarship by GIIS

Though the fee structure of GIIS is comparatively attainable than other schools in UAE, GIIS has been subsidizing the students’ scholastic needs to secure the future of the financially constrained but bright students.

If you are anticipating seeking your ward’s admission under merit scholarships, then I would suggest you collect detailed information regarding the application process, eligibility criteria, and other requirements given in the official website of the institution before applying.

Here is some basic information about the MCM scholarship offered by GIIS in the UAE.

Zayed Gandhi MCM Scholarship with scholarship tenure of 2years offers privilege for students of Nursery, Kindergarten 1-2 and Grades 1-10 under the CBSE board, which ranges from 20% to 7% off on tuition fees under four categories. This scholarship program is solely based on the annual family income of the families of the applicants. The primary eligibility criterion of the scholarship is that the applicant has to be a resident of Dubai, including existing parents and student group of GIIS.

The four categories of eligibility mentioned under the   Zayed Gandhi Merit cum Means Scholarship,

Category A- For the students whose gross family income is below 10000 AED, a discount of 20% is given on the tuition fees.

Category B– For the students whose gross family income is in between 10001- 12000 AED, a discount of 15% is given on the tuition fees.

Category C– For the students whose gross family income is in between 13000-15000 AED, a 10% discount is offered on tuition fees.

Category D- For the students whose gross family income is in between 15000- 18000 AED, a 7% discount is offered on tuition fees.

Terms & Conditions

Some of the important terms and conditions that you need to know before applying for the scholarship are:

● The scholarship will be valid for a period of one academic year;

● It is non-exchangeable, irreplaceable and is non-transferable.

● It is applicable for applicants studying only at GIIS campuses and should be consistent students of the school from grades 2 to 11 after getting a clear promotion with at least 55% or more. 

● Besides academic performance, the applicants need to maintain good conduct.

● Unsatisfactory behaviour or progress may result in discontinuation of the scholarship into the second year.

When applying for the scholarship, documents that are often required are:

1. UAE residence visa copy of parent and student

2.  Copy of Emirates ID of parent and student

3.  Student’s academic record of the last 2 years in PDF format

4.  Parents’ annual income proof

The scholarship disbursal criteria stated by the school should be given utmost importance by the parents. The applicants must-

1. Be UAE inhabitant with legal residency documents comprising Emirates ID.

2. Be able to provide family income official papers/tax valuation, MOL contract, Salary slip, in case of Self-employment- VAT photocopy and legal commercial license copy for the past two years.


● The whole application process is done online. After filling up the application form and uploading the required documents, the form is evaluated based on the scholarship assessment procedure.

● If you fulfil the above-mentioned eligibility benchmarks, you are qualified for the assessment test followed by an online interview. You will be notified about the successful selection by sending a mail within a week of application.

● According to the scholarship terms, the parent of a successful applicant has to sign a scholarship deed within 7 working days from the date of notification of scholarship results.

● Within two weeks, all successful applicants in case of new admissions are required to register and join the school within 90 days of offering a scholarship.

However, applicants are required to pay their term fees in full as per school terms. The Scholarship Sum which is the entire amount disbursed under the mentioned Scholarship will be paid out at the end of that academic term into the bank account of the parent of the scholars.

For further details kindly look through the terms and conditions given in the official website of GIIS.

    Thus, through MCM Scholarship programmes top-grade schools like GIIS who believe in education for all, aim to give the bright students access to education recognizing it as a basic human right.