Migrate Email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite – Use the Best Solution


If you want to migrate email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite, you need to take care of a lot of things. In case you are not able to find the perfect solution, read till the last you will have the answer by the end of this blog.

Both the services being suite of productivity tools let you perform business on cloud. These suites allow you to create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and collaborate.

Google Workspace (G Suite) offers 30GB of storage space to unlimited whereas Microsoft 365 (Office 365) offers maximum storage of 1TB and 6TB in a family subscription.

Here, we will give you a comparison between G Suite and Office 365 so that you have a clear picture why G Suite is a better option.

While you migrate email from Office 365 to G Suite, you undertake a solution that makes sure there is no risk to the data.

For that, you can use an intelligent tool that can help you migrate selective emails from to G Suite from Office 365. It is always suggested to use a method that is able to meet your requirements; be it migration in less time, selective data, or bulk transfer.

You will learn more about the tool later, first, understand the difference between G Suite and Office 365.

Why to Migrate Email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite?

Both the suites are amazing and the most commonly used services worldwide. Here is a little comparison between the two.

Office 365 vs. G Suite

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a collaboration and productivity apps’ integrated suite. It has a subscription based platform that provides products for both professional as well as personal use.

Microsoft 365 has apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, One Drive, PowerPoint, Skype, One Note, etc. These offer great help and features to the users.

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a cloud productivity tool that allows users to perform business activities over cloud. Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Google Drive, Slides, Calendar, and many more are the apps provided by G Suite.

It can also be integrated with third-party applications that can easily be downloaded through the Google Web Store.

Grounds to Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite

There are some other features that make G Suite a better option for you like:

  • G Suite is steps ahead in speed when compared to Office 365
  • It is far easy to maintain and support Google Apps
  • You have the ability to open and edit the documents directly from the mailbox
  • Better mobility than what is provided in Office 365
  • Boosts productivity of your employees and business
  • It is scalable and compatible

Now, if you haven’t found the solution to migrate email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite, you do not have to be under stress. We have here brought an amazing solution for you to be able to perform the task.

The solution is easy to understand and can be used by non techies as no technical knowledge is required. There are no other methods that have been successful so this could be your best and only shot at exporting the emails.

Intelligent Tool to Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite

It is obvious that the emails that are stored in your G Suite account are really important and cannot be afforded to be lost. This tool is capable of migrating emails in bulk, or selective emails, or folders from O365 to G Suite. Learn how to Migrate Office 365 to Google Apps to export the emails of any size as there are no file-size restrictions. The attachments associated with the respective emails can also be transferred along.

The software is also able to maintain the data integrity and folder hierarchy and all the attributes are kept intact even after migration such as – Subject, Single  or Multiple TO / CC/ BCC.

Use the Date Filter feature to migrate email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite selectively from the user mailbox. You can export the emails from only the chosen timeline by giving the “From” and “To” dates.

There is also an option to migrate the emails selectively or a folder containing the emails at once. Choose the maximum number of user accounts to be migrated by choosing the “Concurrent Migration” option. And set priorities to give an order on how the emails will be migrated first by selecting the “User Priority” option.

Check out the steps to perform a hassle-free migration.

Working of the Tool to Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite

  1. Install the tool and launch it. Activate the tool by clicking on the “Activate” button on the bottom-left corner of the window.
  1. Mark the check-box beside “Email” and apply filters in the “Workload Section”.
  1. Go to the “Setup” tab and enter the “Source” as “Office 365” and “Destination” as “G Suite”.
  1. Now, input the credentials for Office 365 in the Source Window. Choose the “Validate” button and hit “Next”.
  1. After that, fill in the details for G Suite in the Destination Window. Click on the “Validate” button and hit “Next”.
  1. Choose the fetching process as “Fetch Users” and hit “Continue”.
  1. Click on the “Start Migration” option and hit “Start” button to migrate email from Outlook Office 365 to G Suite.

This tool also offers an option to generate a summary report as per your requirement.

If you want a summary of the entire process, choose the “Summary Report” option.

If you need detailed report of each exported email, choose the “Detailed Report” option to generate a report in a CSV file format.

Choose from the three options to re-run full migration:

  • Retry Failed Items: In case the previous migration process has skipped or failed to migrate an email, choose this option.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: To run the entire migration process again, go for this option.
  • Delta Migration: Choose this mode in case you have received new data while the migration is in process, and export the newly arrived data.

Last Words

Emails hold the most important details of a business which is why one needs to be careful while transferring them. As not many solutions are there and the present solutions make it difficult to export the emails, you are not left with many options.

Go for the smart tool that we have mentioned and make the most use of it. The wizard helps you to migrate email from Office 365 to G Suite in an efficient manner. The tool is compatible with Windows OS 10 (64-bit).