Five Common Mistakes that Everyone Makes in Makeup Boxes


The makeup boxes are strong and durable packaging that has gained popularity in the marketplace. These are being used for the packing purposes of different cosmetic items like mascara, eyeliner, lip glosses, lipsticks, foundation, creams, etc. Due to this, they are customized according to the need of the item. Rigid and robust manufacturing materials like cardboard, recycled Bux board, environmentally friendly kraft, and even e-flute corrugated cardstock. Such materials are not only strong but also non-toxic and biodegradable. Moreover, these are also printable packaging options, so by using effective and top-notch techniques, you can also print them. Such printing also uses special color schemes like CMYK and PMS. Apart from the printing, you can also make these boxes appear beautiful by changing their outermost texture. There are many finishing options available which include matte, glossy, and UV laminations, metallic silver or gold foiling, embossing, debossing techniques, and even raised ink. 

The makeup boxes must be made out of good quality materials so that they can hold their respective items easily. Sometimes, it is not the case. There are so many mistakes that everyone makes in the manufacturing of these packages. They often use either poor materials or unsuitable manufacturing technologies. Such mistakes not only affect the quality of packaging but also increase the risk of product damage. Here are some of the mistakes that people make in these cosmetic boxes.

1.    Use of Poor Materials

The makeup box packaging should be made out of superior quality materials which have good strength so that they can support the packed items. These materials should be strong, durable, cost-effective as well as recyclable in nature. Sometimes the manufacturer company opts for strong and affordable but non-biodegradable materials. This is one of the biggest mistakes considering the environmental hazards and increased global warming.

These days’ people, as well as businesses, prefer to buy sustainable product packaging. So, while making the packages, one should always opt for recyclable, non-toxic, and organic materials which can easily be recycled or decomposed. The next big mistake people make while choosing the materials is the selection of cheap and substandard quality materials. Such materials do not have enough strength to carry the product, and they often end up tearing apart. This way, the encased item gets damaged and even break. These boxes fail to provide necessary security or protection to the products.

2.    Choosing A Bad Manufacturing Technique

The makeup boxes UK are made out of durable materials along with executive manufacturing. These packages are needed so that they can provide efficient protection to the products. Because of that, they must be treated with advanced and professional technologies. The packaging boxes that are not manufactured through proper techniques cause trouble. This is one of the most common mistakes that affect and hurt the durability of the package and make it susceptible to the outer environment. The manufacturing techniques not only decide the durability but also play a significant role in making the packages resistant against bending, jerks, and other external factors like stress and pressure. People opt for such techniques because they are relatively cheaper than high-quality and professional technologies. To save few pennies, they compromise on the rigidity and long-lasting nature of packages. These packages not only end up tearing apart but also damage the packed product.

3.    Cheap Printing Technologies

The bad quality of printing is yet another mistake often made by the manufacturing company of makeup box packaging. High-quality printing options are available, which include offset lithography, screen, and digital printing. Such techniques use superior quality inks and special color schemes like CMYK and PMS. These techniques help in the beautiful and smooth printing of the packaging boxes that display a good image of the packed product as well as the business. On the other hand, when people use cheap quality technologies, they end up with haphazard and overlap printed packages that also display unclear detail of the encased product. People find it hard to read the overlap printed product description, and they get frustrated and annoyed. So, this mistake can cause a serious loss to the cosmetic business. To avoid this mistake, the business should choose a manufacturing company that uses top-notch quality printing techniques.

4.    Wrong-Sized Packaging Boxes

If you want to encase your cosmetic products firmly and perfectly, then you should probably go for the custom-sized and shaped makeup boxes UK. Most of the companies provide the customization option through which you can easily customize and transformed these packages according to the need of your items. One of the most usual and common mistakes of these cosmetic boxes is the wrong size of packaging. They are either too big or too small to fit their respective product. 

The big size of the packaging boxes has too much extra space inside them that allows unnecessary movements. Due to this, there is a higher risk and chances of the product getting damaged when multiple items are encased all at once. On the contrary, the small size of boxes is not enough to provide the production of the product, and they end up exposing the item from either side. When sensitive cosmetic products get exposed to heat, moisture, or humidity, they get damaged.

5.    Irrelevant Printed Details

The cosmetic boxes are used for the packaging of different cosmetic items. It ranges from the foundation to cream to the eye shadow palette and whatnot. Due to this, each packaging box should be manufactured as per the requirement of its packaging item. For example, for the encasement of the mascara, sleek and slim boxes should be created, which should also display product-specific information. Sometimes, there is a mistake in the printing option, which leads to a lot of confusion.

The packages do not represent the details and instructions regarding the packaged product. Like the boxes that encased the mascara display information about the eyeliner and so on. This is such a common yet big mistake that can contribute to the downfall of the business. So, not only the product-related information but also the graphical illustrations related to the packed item should be displayed if the business wants to attract the audience and gain sales. 

Here are discussed some of the most common mistakes that everyone makes during the choosing of the makeup artist. These mistakes are common, but they do have a strong impact on the audience. They should not be taken lightly. They have the potential to drive away all the attention and potential customers of the business.