How to Monitor Employees from Remote Location (Work from Home)?

In this article, you will learn how to monitor employees from a remote location. We know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the organizations, businesses, schools, colleges are shut. Many Business houses have switched to Work from the Home environment. But the prime objective they face is work productivity. Many employees are not taking the Work from Home environment seriously & enjoy it as a Honeymoon period. Hence, in this scenario, it is the need of the hour for the managers to track your employee’s activities & send them alerts regarding their work. Here we will discuss whether the use of Employee Monitoring Software is good for businesses or not. We will also try to find out the question of all the below problems:

  • What is Remote Employee Monitoring?
  • How do I Track my Employee?
  • Which is the best tool to Track Employee Computer Activity?
  • How to know if Remote Employee is Working?

How Employee Monitoring Tools Can Help You Increase Work Productivity?

You can monitor the activities of your employees whether they are sitting on the desk or not. It will calculate the ideal time of a user’s PC. It working is very easy as the employee monitoring software will track every single bit of your employee activity. You can keep an eye on your employee network flow through communication channels. When your employee gives proper time to his work, then obviously it will increase the overall work productivity.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, our organization has suffered a great loss in work productivity. It is all due to the carelessness of some employee, hence we decided to take strict action against such employees. So, we are looking for a powerful Employee Monitoring software that will allow us to keep an eye on the activities of my employees. Kindly suggest me any such state-of-the-art Employee Activity Tracking software. 

George Smith, California

As from above, we can easily conclude that there are a Large number of users who wants to track the activities of all the employee within their organization. In next section you will know how to monitor employees from a remote location.

Understanding Working of Employee Tracking Software:

monitor employees from remote location

Obviously, the Employee Monitoring Software includes various advanced features that will help the managers to analyze the work productivity of their employees. The software is capable to track time, attendance, application usage, website access, screenshots, track activities, manage projects, time spends on any project, it is no doubt the best solution on which you can rely in the toughest time.

It will insert a file into your employee PC & then will monitor all the work done by him in both Offline & Online mode. It will upload the activity data in online mode in real-time. However, in offline mode, it will record all the activities & then upload them as soon as your internet connection gets resumed. The Employee Monitoring Software can be easily run on any OS including Windows & Mac machine. It is a great tool to analyze the activities of your suspected employee.

Industry Expert’s Comment on Employee Monitoring Tool:

The InDefend tool is analyzed with a large number of Industry Experts that checked every aspect of this software. Some of the popular reviews are listed below:

It is a highly intuitive service for the management of our team to allow our managers to keep an eye on their team. It helps the employees to take their own time to increase the work productivity of the overall organization. They can now focus more on workshops & meetings as they are being monitored every minute.

Jaishree, Ram Nagar

Finally, I can say that this is a best-in-class Employee Monitoring software that streamlines everyday operations. The Employee Monitoring software helps me to manage work productivity in a very safe environment. It will track every instance of my employee & gives me an alert in real-time mode.

Sumit Rathore, New Delhi

InDefend tool is the most simplified application to visualize the overall productivity of the team. It gives me exact information about how much work is done by an employee on the project to decide the credit. I will surely like to recommend this amazing Employee Monitoring software to all the operational managers to manage their teams doing work from home.

Fred Wilson, California

Final Words:

In the above article, we have discussed the various queries of managers that want to keep an eye on their employee. A moral question that arises against the managers is whether it is ethical or not to surveillance on their employees. But the reality is in business only work matters. Any companies’ admin department has full rights to track the activities of their employee. However, you can also keep on by trusting them…but only a few are proving to be loyal employees. One such powerful service is NetForChoice InDefend software, which is a combination of several activity logger programs. You can accurately calculate the overall time spend by your employee while using the Office PC / Laptop.