Which is the best streaming service for you Netflix vs Hotstar vs Amazon Prime?

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Now let’s get into the details, Hotstar offers free content that you can access without paying anything. But there is no test program to access premium content. If you want to use premium content, the only option is to pay for it. Hotstar has both monthly and annual subscription options just $44.99.

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Amazon offers a 30-day free trial. Amazon also has both monthly and Hotstar annual subscriptions just $44.99. There is no free content, you cannot see anything until you pay for it. There is a huge difference in what Amazon offers, with a single subscription you have access to various services such as
Amazon prime delivery
Prime Video
Amazon music

Everything belongs to the same membership. Which adds a lot more value to users than other streaming services.

Netflix has a higher cost than other providers. It offers a month free trial and also has different subscription models for different devices and the number of screens increases/decreases depending on your membership. The number of screens here means, how many devices you can stream from the same account at the same time.

By comparison, we can clearly see Amazon winning at a cost and offering more benefits to the user than Hotstar and Netflix. So order based on winning


Hot Star has sports content like live cricket. It has a lot of exclusive area content and also has a live TV facility for some channels. In addition, it also has the latest movies of all languages ​​and popular American series.
The region at Amazon is a mix of content but limited to only movies, comedy shows, and some series. A lot of English films and series are included. It also has its own original content called Amazon Originals which is quite interesting to watch.

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Netflix stands out when its series comes out compared to the other two platforms. This is the great number of variations of the series that we can see very much. When coming to movies it is almost similar to other platforms. While Netflix Originals is one of the best in class compared to the other two platforms, most of Netflix Originals are great for watching and placing themselves on screen.

While watching generally, if you are looking for more content and entertainment, you can go for Hotstar. If you are always looking for something new to watch, you can go for Netflix. If you want common ground between the two, you can opt for Amazon Prime.


This one can be very clear if you are looking for something that all your family members can use, then you can definitely go for Hotstar. As this content mainly focuses on the region-wise audience. Everyone can find something for themselves to see in this platform. Obviously the game unites everyone. So if you are looking for a service that satisfies everyone in your family, then you can choose Blind Hotstar.

Amazon Prime has a mixed group of sorts. If you have people who prefer movies/series rather than regional serials. You can definitely opt for it. It has a lot of regional recreational content as well as international content and films. If you use more Amazon services, this would be a very good option.

I personally think that Netflix is ​​mostly for a crowd of younger viewers such as those between teenage ages and late 30s. The content is so good and fantastic. It gives many different experiences than the other two platforms. This makes it unique as well as limiting the space especially for the low volume of the crowd.

If you are a Jio subscriber, you can watch 19 Star TV Network channels, in which Star Sports channels can be done live (without a premium subscription) through the Hotstar app for free. To view other premium content on Hotstar, you have to Hotstar US Promo Code In USA to their monthly plan, which starts at $1.

You can get 1 year on Amazon Prime for no extra cost, only on Vodafone Red Postpaid (499 rupees or more fare).

Selected Airtel Thank You, customers, can now enjoy Netflix’s 3-month gift! This offer is available to both existing and new Netflix subscribers. New Netflix users will get a basic plan and after using the gift it will be taken monthly in your Airtel bill. Existing Netflix users will get a credit of in the Netflix account, the current scheme will continue.