Nighties for honeymoon And Other Bridal Essentials For The Special Nights!

Nighties for honeymoon

When it comes to weddings, the bride is the one who has to get most of the prep done. Things from pre-wedding nuptials, wedding functions, the main wedding days, the post-wedding festivities and the special nights, the list goes on and on.

If we start talking about all of these essentials, you will get tired of reading and I will get tired of writing. So, let’s cut out a chunk from this list  and talk about it- The First Night and The Honeymoon Nights.

Correct me if I am wrong, if I say a woman is equally excited and nervous for her First Night Lingerie as much as she is for her Wedding Day Outfit. Both the couple look forward to their First Night as excitedly as they look forward to their Wedding Day.

Besides nightwear lingerie for women, there are many other essential things a bride has to take note of, for her Special Nights.

Sanitary Napkins

The wedding hustle can play with your menstrual cycle, so always keep a sanitary napkin handy. Also, if you are a virgin, your first intercourse might lead to bleeding which may range from spotting to medium flow depending upon your hormones. So, you definitely need to carry a pad if your First Night is planned anywhere else then your house.

Intimate Wash

Now, generally your vagina takes care of itself and you need not use anything special to clean it, except for water. But, for your first sexual experiences, you need to be smelling good and fresh down there. So, carry an intimate wash, for your pre and post intercourse cleaning.

Oil or Cream

If you have not been sexually active before marriage, then this essential is for you. For the first intercourse, it’s a little painful for a woman as her hymen is going to rupture. So, do carry a small oil bottle or body cream, which will make your first intercourse a smooth experience with minimum pain.

A gift for him

This one might amaze you a bit, as most of them say that a husband should get a gift for his wife. But I feel if you are equal in a relationship, he too deserves what you do. So, get him a gift with a personal note or letter. Guys don’t show it, but they too like us, love handwritten personal stuff.

Lingerie that is sexy and comfy

We can have a special blog for this one, but now let me keep it short and sweet. Your night dress for women stylish latest sexy for your Special Nights has to be sensuous and comfortable at the same time. If it just looks beautiful and does not feel one, it is not worth it.