Learn to Open & View MSG File With Attachments Using Free Tips & Tricks

In this digital era, most of the organizations keep backups of their data. When it comes to email data, various companies use Outlook as their email client. Therefore, emails are stored in MSG format. Currently, the main problem occurs when the user does not know “How to open MSG file without MS Outlook”. Many people do not know how to open Outlook MSG file. In order to find answer to this question, read this blog in detail to perform the complete procedure for reading data from MSG file.

Therefore, this query is requested by many users, as follows:

“I found some MSG files on my friend’s laptop. However, due to an emergency, he requested me to open MSG email files on his laptop. However, there is no application to open and view the MSG file for free. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!”

We all recognize the fact that Outlook MSG files are not simple text files that can be easily opened. Therefore, to access MSG file data, you need a MAPI application. Thus, this article describes the best approach that allows users to easily open and read Outlook MSG files.

How to Open MSG File with Attachments for Free ?

When it comes to open MSG file without Outlook, easily try 4n6 MSG file viewer. This is a free software that allows you to quickly read or save MSG attachments. In addition, users can view multiple MSG files at the same time using this application.

Learn How the Tool Works

Step 1: Launch and run free MSG Forensics Wizard to open MSG file without Outlook in your Windows machine.

Step 2: After starting the tool, click the Open tab to add MSG file into software.

Step 3: Now, you can check the full preview of Outlook MSG data file elements.

Step 4: Finally, you can open and save all MSG files without Outlook installation.

Why Choose 4n6 Free MSG File Viewer Tool ?

  • Preview Emails Attachments: Theusers can use MSG File Viewer to open and view MSG mail without installing MS Outlook. You can simply view the content of email with the original format in the built-in viewer of this software. In addition, the tool will display the complete attributes of MSG file, including From, To, subject, sent date, received date and size in KB.
  • Showing MSG in Several Ways: MSG Viewer software allows users to open MSG mail files and view data items in different display styles. The users can open and read MSG files in their original form and styles, such as hexadecimal, property view, HTML view, message header view, MIME view and RTF view. Related attachments can also be viewed on a separate tab.
  • Option to Search within MSG Files: The MSG Viewer app allows users to open MSG email files and search through emails or attachments. With the help of an advanced search application, users can filter emails or attachments based on keywords or phrases. Similarly, individuals can choose different methods to perform a more accurate MSG file search.
  • Categorize MSG Files with Properties: After uploading and scanning any MSG file in the toolkit, users can edit or reorder the order list based on its attributes. Users can open MSG files without Outlook and sort MSG data files according to their properties that is, From, To, Subject, Received date, Sent date, and Size in KB.
  • Flexible Compact View of MSG Files: The software provides compact screen option. With the help this option, you can only view the required MSG folders. This allows you to view system folders and personal folders.

Availability of MSG File Viewer Software

There are two different versions of MSG Viewer.

1. Free / Demo Version: The company has developed a free demo version to help users test the MSG Reader Tool free of charge. As the name suggests, the tool comes with a trial version that allows MSG email files along with attachments to be easily opened and downloaded from the official website.

2. Licensed / Purchased Version: The purchased version of this tool includes many useful features, such as multiple saving  options and exporting to PDF, MBOX, EML, PST, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the tool to use various functions.


• Open and MSG items in various formats with attachments.

• Normal views, properties, hexadecimal, message headers, RTF, MIME and HTML.

• It is not necessary to install Outlook to open and view MSG data files.

• Compatible with latest Windows 10 and all other below versions.


• MSG Viewer software is not compatible with Mac OS

Open MSG File without Outlook Manually

In the current scenario, almost all users have one of the browsers in their systems, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. Using these browsers, users can easily access MSG files in the absence of Microsoft Outlook. To do this, users must have an HTML page, since this file format is supported by all browsers. Therefore, select emails, and then change the file extension from .msg to .html, simply by right-clicking the file, then select the “Save As” option and select the HTML format. Now open a specific HTML page using any browser. Now users can open the MSG file in the absence of MS Outlook.

Disadvantages of Manual Approach to Read MSG File

There are many drawbacks associated with the manual approach described above for opening MSG file with attachments. Some of these limitations are described below:

  • This method is capable of opening and reading only one MSG file at a time, so it takes long time to open large number of MSG messages.
  • This method cannot open the MSG extension at the same time in the absence of MS Outlook.
  • Using this approach, it is almost impossible to open attachments of MSG files in the browser. The HTML file format cannot save attachments from MSG files with emails.
  • The manual approach to read MSG Outlook files is difficult and confusing enough to open each mail.

Time to Wrap Up

Outlook users can open MSG file using the manual method. However, when we talk about the limitations of manual technique, it becomes quite difficult for Outlook users to choose manual approach. Furthermore, we have already discussed the free of cost and simple tool to carry out this task. For this reason, users are always advised to choose the auto-focus instead of the manual, since this utility is designed to save time and effort and achieve more accurate results. For this reason, users are always choose a simple approach to open MSG file with attachments or without Outlook.