Outlook Contacts not Syncing with iCloud? Problem Solved

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“Why are my Outlook contacts not syncing with iCloud? If that’s your question as well, then read this article to know how you can fix this within a few steps perfectly.”

Contacts always play an essential role in any profession. Thus, keeping them safe is always a good idea. Most of the experts prefer keeping aside copy with them over any other device to access it in case their original copy of contacts goes missing. This can be done on any platform including iCloud. If you have tried doing that but facing the issue of Outlook contacts not syncing with iCloud, then you need to perform some corrective measures in order to fix the problem.

In this article, we are going to provide all possible solutions including manual methods. Keep reading and know how you can resolve this problem.

Why are Outlook Contacts not Syncing with iCloud?

Before you start looking for solutions, you must make sure that you meet the requirements given below:

  • Your PC must match the requirements of the iCloud system.
  • The latest version of iCloud for Windows is important.
  • If you do not have iCloud for Windows, then you must set up a setup two-factor authorization and then log in to your Outlook using this Apple ID.
  • You must make copies of your iCloud data.
  • Make sure you have checked the system storage page just to examine if any issue is affecting the contacts.
  • The date and time in your device must be correct that is it should be up to date.

How to Resolve Outlook Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud Error?

  • Check the Internet Connection– This is very common to lose your internet connectivity all of a sudden. So, make sure you have access to good internet quality. Try refreshing the website because if you cannot connect, you cannot proceed.
  • You must Resolve the Duplicates. If you see duplicate contacts when you set up your iCloud contacts on Mac or PC.
  • Log-in Settings – If you have created multiple Apple IDs for yourself and use them to connect with iCloud, you must examine that as well. Make sure that you are connected to the correct ID where you want to sync your Outlook contacts.
  • Outlook Stability – If you continue to face the Outlook contacts not syncing with iCloud error, you must check your basics first. Try refreshing your Outlook if you have recently updated it.
  • Outlook Version – You must check that the version of Outlook that you are working on matches the requirements of the iCloud account.

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A Solution to Outlook Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud Error

If the problem still persists, then there is no other option to help you with this other than performing the syncing process again. To be sure that none of your contact data suffers in this problem handling method, you must go for external software. iCloud accepts a vCard/VCF file. Therefore, you need to export Outlook contacts to vCard to be able to add them into iCloud. The PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter is the perfect solution to all your problems. You only have to select 4.0 as your vCard version and then the entire process goes on smoothly.

This tool provides unlimited features such as the conversion of multiple contacts in a single attempt. It supports a VCF file of all versions. It supports a corrupt, damaged, orphaned, or even a password-protected contact file. This tool will automatically map all of your custom fields of the contacts. All you got to do is simply install, add the file, choose the export format and you will be done. Due to its effective functioning and working abilities, this software is used by millions all around the world.

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In this blog, we provided you the best solutions to help you resolve the Outlook contacts not syncing with iCloud error. Users must go with the procedure that suits them the best. You can try the manual methods and if nothing works for you, go for the tool we recommended. This software also provides a free version that you can install which will help you assess the capabilities of it.