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Sometimes it becomes very urgent for a user to remove security from the Adobe files. It might be possible that the file is not permitting him to copy, edit, print, comment, sign, etc., or the person might have forgotten or lost the password. But as we know that every problem has its solution. PCVITA PDF Security Cracker Tool is the perfect password cracking software for PDF files. This tool removes PDF permission password and enables all permissions. The software is very simple and easy to use such that even novice users can use it easily. To know the complete details about this software read the below sections carefully.

Best Tool to Crack PDF Password Security & Restrictions

PCVITA PDF Security cracker is the perfect tool to crack the owner level password from PDF files. After removing the PDF file security the software enable the PDF file permissions like a copy, print, edit, comment, sign, etc. The tool is available for both operating system users i.e., for Windows & Mac. The tool supports the PDF file of all versions for unlocking the security. In the below section we have mentioned the step by step procedure to crack PDF file security.

How to Remove PDF File Security on Windows Operating Systems

Follow these simple steps to know how this password cracking software for PDF files works on Windows Operating system:

Step 1- Firstly download & run the PCVITA PDF Security Cracker
Step 2- Now, browse the PDF file from which you want to remove the restriction.
Step 3- After browsing the file, view the permission status of the locked file.
Step 4- Now, the tool has successfully crack PDF file security.


Advantageous Features of the Software to Crack PDF Password Security

1. The software enables the PDF security permissions i.e. editing, copying, etc.
2. It also cracks Adobe PDF security in batch with business and enterprise licenses.
3. Cracked the owner level password security.
4. It also allows for users to enable the PDF commenting permissions
Crack the restrictions of printing on the PDF and document assembly permission
It also removes signature permission & allows form filling in PDF.
7. The tool can remove PDF encryption 125/256 bit.
8. It is not necessary to install the Adobe Acrobat to carry-out the task.
9. This tool is suitable for every Windows OS version.

How to Unlock PDF File Security on Mac OS

Follow these simple steps of this password cracking software for PDF files on Mac OS X:

Step 1. Firstly, you have to open the PDF password cracker for Mac utility.
Step 2. Now, to add the PDF file click on browse.
Step 3. After this press the unlock option.
Step 4. Now, the files are unlocked and all the permissions are enabled

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Software Functionalities

1. Crack PDF file security and users are allowed for copying, printing, editing, etc.
2. After the PDF unlocking, users are free for commenting, sign on the PDF documents.
3. It also gives the option to add files or folders in a secured PDF.
4. Unlock password security from PDF files (owner level password and known user level).
5. Remove security from PDF having AES, RC4 128 & 192-bit security
6. For unlocking the PDF files, there is no need to download Adobe Acrobat.
7. This password cracking software for PDF files is available for Mac OS X 10.8 and higher versions.

User Query & Solution

“I wanted to unlock the printing option so I tried to remove this security using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. But the problem is that it is asking for the permission password which I don’t know. Can you please give me the solution to resolve this problem?”

Yes, of course, PCVITA PDF Security Cracker Tool is the perfect solution to crack PDF password security. You can use this software to remove all PDF security restrictions and passwords. This tool crack PDF file security can enable permissions like print, copy, edit, etc.

View the Permissions Using Adobe Reader

Below we have mentioned some steps to check the PDF file permissions:

Step 1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader
Step 2. Click on File option,
Step 3. Now, Go to the Properties
Step 4. After that press the Security option,
Step 5. You will see the Document Properties section, there is an option of Show Details click on it,
Step 6. Now, the sheet of document properties will show on your screen
Step 7. Check the Permission Password status (If yes it means the file is having restricted otherwise Not)

Demo v/s Full Version of Password Cracking Software for PDF Files

The demo version of the software can crack PDF file security, but the resultant file will have the watermark on the pages. While the full version of the software can remove the restrictions without adding any watermark.


We read all the things about this password cracking software for PDF files. The software provided by the PCVITA is available for both OS users, to crack PDF file security. The software allows users to unlock PDF files & enable PDF print, edit, copy & other permissions.