Why to Pay When You Can Use These Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing

The world has now become so much depend on the concept of earning and investing money, as life without connection with money is impossible, doesn’t it?

Although money can be utilized for everything in this world but this never means that everything should be bought even if they are existed free.

In this article we are going to discuss this aspect by pinpointing photo editing tools.

So if you want to edit your photos with any editing tools then don’t just go for the paid version or anyone that requires extra installation process or something like that.

 So let’s try any of the given apps which give you full features free of cost.

  1. Azlanblogger

Azlanblogger is a free online photoshop alternative that can accomplish your task according to what you do there in case of photoshop.

Azlanblogger is a web-based application with all the features you need to make your photos look great.  

This application has been developed by long term research on the limitation and problem related to already present photoshop, actually, the manual photoshop does not benefit you like the online one, so for the best result just step into the tool and have fun.

What does it contain?

After getting into the website azlanblogger.com, you can see the main page interface which further includes different bars for different purposes.

  • Title bar:

The title bar is the uppermost area on the interface which includes the program name and also minimizes and maximizes options.

  • Menu bar:

The menu bar has the key importance for the online free photoshop tool because this is where your basic workflow can go on further.

The menu bar is used when you want to open an existing file or saving a current project for next time work the menu bar is consists of 10 menus which are enough for all your activities.

  • Toolbar:

Toolbar is the area on the left side of the main interface which includes all the tools which need to be work with, so toolbar or another word toolbox can play a role play while editing photos or any graphics related work.

These tools can range from selecting tools, cropping tools, text writing, color adjustment tools etc.

So don’t bother payment if you can use the application azlanblogger.com for free.

  1. iPiccy

In case of not affording photoshop you can be in touch with iPiccy which is an online free alternative to photoshop.

It is in fact a web-based application that does not require to be downloaded at all. It has all the features which an image requires during the editing process.

It has all the working criteria as the photoshop have but quite in a simple way.


  • user friendly interface
  • doesn’t require installation
  • can be accessed without any account
  • Unique collage layouts.


  • It requires adobe flash
  • Only supports two formats for saving
  • The sharing option is limited.
  1. Pixlr

If you think that your needs cannot be fulfilled by all the other tools, then you must the one name Pixlr.

Pixlr offers services like photoshop quite in different ways; photoshop is local editing software which needs installation whereas the Pixlr does not require any installation process. 

Pixlr can be used for editing images that are present locally or you can use it for scratching new images.

Some features of Pixlr are brushing, adjustments of photos and filtering etc.

Some benefits of Pixlr

  • Free of cost:

Installation of the application is without costing a single penny so everyone can use it for free.

  • Lightness

It is not heavy software so it does not require an expensive system.

  • Platform independent

It has been built in integration with all the common browsers and resources so it is not bound for any specific browser to be used.

  1. Polarr

Polarr is one of the online photos editing software which tends to help you in editing process.

Although it contains the same features as other editing software, but as everything has its own uniqueness, Polarr also has.

Its interface is quite simple and friendly and that is why it is being preferred by most of the users. One of the unique features is that it can help you in color correction and adjustment of faces.

  • Not platform specific

If we concerned the advantages of the tool, one of them is its platform independency which means it can be run using window, Mac operating system and more specially ios etc.

So it can be used without installation special software or any boring stuff.


Photo editing has now been chosen as one of the skills for entertainment or for businesses but what if you don’t have software installed?

 Well, this article was presented to answer this question. In fact we have mentioned many tools that can answer this question. In case if you do not have photoshop then you must try any of the above editing tools to meet your requirements.