Powerball in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

The lottery exists in every country, but the country that has made it a celebration is Australia. Powerball australia is one of the biggest jackpotting games of the lottery. It is one game where the players can even make their own rules for the rest of the game. 

Powerball has become a tradition in Australia over the years. This article will give a complete idea of how to play the game, its practice and its nuances.

Types of Entries

There are a lot of ways to play the game of powerballaustralia style. There is a game panel and different types of entries, from which the participants can choose. The various methods include:

  1. Standard Entry

In this method, the player can choose to play a marked entry or a quick pick. In a marked entry, the player can select the number of games they can play, along with which they have the freedom to choose the numbers or save them for the future by marking them as a “favourite”. This way, the player can play up to 18 games by already saving a coupon and storing it. They can also play up to 50 games while they create their online entry.

A quick pick, on the other hand, is the easiest way to play Powerball. Here even though the number of played games is fixed, the numbers picked can be generated randomly by the person playing the game. 

2. System Entry

In this entry, the player is given a choice to play more than seven numbers from the first barrel; the first barrel consists of 35 numbers, and the player can choose about 8 to 20 from them.

3. PowerHit entry

The system allows the player to choose 8 to 15 numbers from the main barrel. 

Facility for Advance entries

The game also offers the facility to choose the draws and the period (number of weeks) until the game is played. The person can choose a date that doesn’t collide with their holiday or other inconveniences. The facility for advance entry allows one to plan at least ten weeks. 

The option for multiple week entry will also allow the person to plan multiple draws to play the entry. There is an option to take a maximum of 10 consecutive draws before. The added facility for a subscription entry is an opportunity to enter directly into a draw or at a certain level of the jackpot.


The division for a Powerball game consists of nine prizes. Different combinations can be played, which ranges from division 1 to division 9. They can be considered as the levels of the game. 

The seven numbers of the first barrel should match those of the second barrel to get through the first division. The second division, on the other hand, should match the numbers that are drawn. In division 3, these winning numbers should match the Powerball number. Division 4 and 5 should have six winning numbers, and 5 out of them should match the Powerball number. Division 6 should have four matching main numbers and PowerBall numbers, whereas, in division 7, five should match. Finally, in division 8, three main numbers and Powerball numbers should match, and in division 9, two of them should match in each.


Playing Powerball is very relaxing and fun. There are facilities to play the game online, which is more secure and convenient.

Author: payal kapoor