Prevention Tips to Deal with Coronavirus

sanitizing tunnel spray

People must be informed at all times related to the recent updates about the whole outbreak of Coronavirus. This will help people to take proper preventive measures to prevent the spread of issue of Coronavirus and protect themselves. Both public and private companies are also taking the initiative of installing the sanitizing tunnel spray gate at their factory premises so that all the things which enter the premises are completely sanitized and decontaminated.

 Some of the preventive steps to deal with this problem have been mentioned as follows:

 1. Washing hands carefully and very often: People must use soap to wash their hands and one must make sure that one washes the hands for about 20 seconds with properly rubbing through the fingers. Hand sanitizer can also be used in case one does not have these facilities of washing hands properly. One must wash the hands many times in a day.

 2. One must avoid touching the face: It is believed that one can get the virus easily on their hands if one touches the surfaces like doorknobs and many more things. One must avoid touching the face including the sensitive areas like eyes and mouth. One must also avoid biting the fingernails as in this way the virus can enter their body easily through the hands.

 3. One must avoid shaking hands and hugging the people: This is another most common activity which people indulge in every day or even several times a day. Whenever one meets someone, one hug or one shakes hands. To deal with this issue, one must avoid touching people and skin to skin contact must be minimized.

 4. One must not share the personal based items: One must not share the personal based items like towels or phones. It is very much important to avoid sharing utensils and straws which one uses for eating. One must also teach the children to recognize and identify their own reusable cups and straws.

 5. One must cover the mouth at the time of both coughing as well as sneezing: At the time of coughing or sneeze, the air droplets are always carried from a person to another and this is the main reason one must cover the mouth at this time. One must use a tissue, or one must cover the mouth with the elbow at all such times. One must also wash the hands immediately after coughing and sneezing.

 6. Cleaning the surfaces: One must also use disinfectants to clean the surfaces. One must also clean all the things which come from outside before using them so that they are properly disinfected.

 7. Installing sanitizer-based spray tunnels: A lot of organizations are installing the sanitizing tunnel spray based gates so that all the things which enter the premises are disinfected and clean. These are the mechanisms which work with the help of motion-based sensors and help to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of things.

 A lot of  medical waste incinerator in haryana are undertaking the manufacturing of these tunnels spray gates. To avoid the outbreak of Coronavirus, one must follow the above-mentioned tips so that chances of infection are reduced significantly.