An ultimate PSD to WordPress conversion tutorial for beginners

An Ultimate PSD to Wordpress Conversion
An Ultimate PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress is not a new thing for online business websites at the present time. Every year, we see the growth rate of WordPress Sites come online in the search engine world. The rate is rising with the rapid-fire growth. Getting attention from the crowd is like climbing on the mountain but the straight forward approach can make this easy. The blog is about an ultimate source guide of PSD to WordPress Conversion Tutorial for all beginners.

Types of Designing Standards:

  1. First Standard-PSD (Photoshop Files)
  2. WordPress (WP)
  3. Twitter Bootstrap

These are the three major designing standards used in recent years. Which is the most popular standard according to trends and demands? As we know, none other than it is only WordPress. The crowd is moving towards WordPress Themes. What about existing PSD Themes Based Websites? Can they convert into WordPress Themes? Yes, Why Not and now this possible with the PSD to WordPress Conversion Services worldwide. By using Adobe Photoshop Software, Designers Make Images for Themes and Adjusted into the Website Framework Process. Mostly Graphic Designers consider Photoshop to create website designs.

WordPress theme is mainly defined with the two components and that is the real look of the website and content of the portal. The content looks and feels only depends on the design of the website which is based on the WordPress Theme. The Theme should be good at the display on both web and mobile due to increasing mobile phone users in the world. Nowadays, people have also the option of ready to launch a WordPress theme which they can buy online from the website.

Without any delay let’s start the PSD to WordPress Conversion Tutorial for the readers for which they are waiting curiously.

Tutorial to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme:

1. Deep Analysis and Comparison of PSD Files:

The Primary or First Step in this conversion process is PSD File Deep Analysis. Without this step, you can’t start the process of PSD to WordPress Conversion. As we know, in the coding and conversion process you might be facing coding related issues in HTML and CSS Codes. Therefore, to do the conversion perfectly you need to understand and analyze the PSD Files perfectly.

2. Filters PSD Files Layers

The process is also known as slicing or Filtering in which you need to cut the PSD Files into different slices or layers. The step can be also donning with the use of the tool which is known as Image Editing Tool such as Photoshop. After completing the Slicing Process, you can simply do the next task which is the removing process of TextBoxes, Buttons, and Links from the Images. Once you cut the slices of All PSD Files into layers you can save the images into JPEG or Bitmap format.

3. Make Particular Extensions Files

When you are thinking to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme then the role of Extension File is also vital in the complete process. No, you should make separate files for PHP & HTML Both Codes with extensions Index like Index.html, style.css, and index.php.

4. Integration of PSD:

The PSD to WordPress Theme Tutorial has come on the fourth step which is the PSD Integration. Without the Technical Skills and Knowledge of Programming, you can’t do this. Therefore, in this step, you need to set-up the combination of layered PSD Files with HTML or CSS to Give Ultimate Live Design on Screen to your Theme.

5. Wordpress Integration:

Now, at the fifth step, the time has come to develop WordPress Templates. After completing the process of coding of PSD Design to HTML you can easily integrate the HTML or CSS with WordPress. The Fine Quality Process in this task makes your WordPress Theme More Attractive and SEO Friendly.

6. Last but Not the Least Testing of Templates on All Browsers:

At the last step of the Tutorial, you should check the compatibility of your WordPress Theme with a different browser to ensure the functionality of your website in the best way. PSD to WordPress Company is also offering you these services in your budget to remove the all technical hassles of this conversion process. Technical experts and WordPress Developers can easily complete this task without consuming much time.


Therefore, this is all about the WordPress Theme Tutorial from PSD. I hope, you like the blog post and it is worthy of your goal of conversion. WordPress is the ideal and appropriate development solutions for many reasons. The most vital factor for choosing the WordPress Platform by the people in the content management system. It is the big platform to manage the content of any type of nature of business. Because of these reasons WordPress themes have become apple’s eye for many startups and entrepreneurs.