Quarterly Web Maintenance Checks Every Business Should Consider

quarterly web maintenance checks

When you upload a website for your business, you’re not done with your responsibility. You need to take care of it as a pet. Since you have business objectives associated with the website, you have to cater to its needs and enable it to help your business goals journey.

When you maintain your websites and keep them up-to-date, they will continue to do the work that you want them to do for you. For website maintenance, you have to perform certain checks on a weekly, monthly, quarterly ad yearly basis.

This article aims to introduce you to quarterly web maintenance checks that you must perform for keeping your business website up-to-date.

Five quarterly web maintenance checks to ensure a professional business website

Annual website checks can include user testing or responsiveness on various platforms and devices. On the other hand, quarterly and monthly checks are the key players, as these involve checks directly related to keeping the website up and running in the best state.

Following are some of the quarterly web maintenance checks you must consider for keeping the online component of your business always up and running. 

Review website statistics

Website statistics are one of the eye-openers which direct you to take required action for your website. The statistics will provide information as to which parts of your content are the most popular? You may get a chance to find out the least popular bits of content so as to replace them with something better and more user-centric.

You will also get an insight into the demographic information of your website visitors. The location of your majority of visitors will help you find out the extent of the reach of your website. As a result, you can tweak your content with the help of SEO professionals and reach your best conversion sources. Thus, do not forget to review website statistics on a monthly as well as a quarterly basis.

Perform tests on all forms

Every website has a certain number of forms. These forms are your means of collecting information and feedback from people visiting your website. At all times, you need to be sure that these forms are working perfectly fine and that there are no glitches causing your online visitors to face trouble.

On the basis of feedback, you can make amendments to the forms as well. For instance, people are uncomfortable sharing a certain level of detail. So keep forms such that they do not have to leave their comfort zone in order to interact with your team.

Test transaction process

Online shopping and transactions are an integral part of most retail businesses. The reason is simple; people find it comfortable to read online reviews, see the product on the website, and make an online transaction.

Imagine a potential customer turning his back on your website just because they wanted a product, but the transaction system on your website did not cooperate. If you do not perform quarterly checks on the transaction process for the user, you may lose many customers.

Fix broken links

404 errors are one of the most unwanted experiences of internet users. Imagine your website visitor having to face it. You don’t even want to imagine it, let alone let it occur deliberately. Well, get professional website maintenance services in Dubai to ensure there are no broken links that may negatively influence the user experience.

Having your team of developers on board is essential to keep your business image intact. Once the reputation is ruined, no extent of good performance will be able to help you earn your place back in the market.

Review content and graphics

Title tags, meta tags, headings, font style, and size consistency are extremely important to maintain. Your service provider company will need to keep the front-end developers active at all times to maintain this consistency. While these small elements may not affect the conversion rates as much as broken links, but these optics are important for building your brand.

These small elements are essential to keep in check because they affect your SEO ranking as a business. If basic tags remain meaningless, your website will not be able to gain credibility.

Is your business website up to date?

If yes, you are playing it safe. But have you made yourself aware of the check you need to perform on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis? If not, now may be the best time for it. While you are focused on the quality of your product, the service and user experience are equally important. Keep both of these hand in hand, and make the online experience favorable and enjoyable for your potential customer.

Both these things go hand in hand. Thus you need to stay in touch with website maintenance professionals to give website users an excellent and streamlined online experience.