Reasons To Become A Transformative Nurse Coach Through The Eyes Of The Nurse Coach Collective

Nurse coaching is the future of healthcare as it has gained popularity and has been widely accepted by registered nurses all over the world. Nurse coaches are able to assist clients promote wellness and sustainable health by meeting them at their current clients health state and assist them make plans and goals and create a roadmap on how to achieve this in a progressive and sustainable manner. Enrolling for certification at The Nurse Coach Collective is the best starting point for anyone looking to reap the benefits arising from being a nurse coach.

Why We At The Nurse Coach Collective Recommend One To Become A Nurse Coach?


Being a nurse coach gives you the luxury to plan your time according to the clients needs. While being a nurse, you have to work for long hours and  in shifts but as a nurse coach you can choose to schedule client meetings at your convenience. In some instances, nurse coaches can start their own businesses and set their own work hours and enjoy great returns while at it.

No Burnout

While working as a nurse, you get to work for long shifts, lack of enough sleep, stand for longer hours and handle multiple cases in a day especially if there is a crisis or pandemic which could easily lead to burn out. However, as a nurse coach, you get to plan your workload based on your ability to handle the clients and you will probably get a good night rest.

Achieve Sense Of Satisfaction

While helping clients reverse or prevent chronic illnesses such as managing stress, depression, lose weight, anxiety and heart diseases, nurse coaches are able to celebrate client milestones together upon achievement. Having to use your learned skills as a registered nurse and a health coach to save lives, guide clients on the right path to health and wellness gives you a sense of fulfillment in life.

Connection With Patients

As a nurse coach, you are able to interact for longer with your clients as opposed to being in a hospital where you may meet a client once a year. Sometimes, you may be genuinely concerned about the patient and their recovery process but you lack the time to follow up as hospitals can be busy. But if you become a nurse coach, you are able to be part of your client’s life for as long as they need your service.

Have Time For Loved Ones

Having a flexible schedule as a nurse coach gives you time to care for yourself. If you are working 12-hour shifts with overtime on top, it may be impossible for you to pamper yourself and have time for family and friends.  As a nurse coach, you are able to help other clients with a sober mind, coming from a point of abundance and rest. As they say you can not fill another’s cup from an empty cup. You are also able to create a work-life balance while working as a nurse coach.

More Job Opportunities

Nurse coaches are now in high demand following the success rate of those who started earlier on and the high number of people who are now embracing alternative medicine. They have recognized the role nurse coaches are playing in preventing chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles.

You are able to apply your skills as a nurse and a coach to assist your clients which also translates to higher pay.  Most clients seeking the services of nurse coaches believe in results arising from the guidance of the nurse coaches and are willing to spend more for their own health and wellness. Lastly, as a nurse coach you can work almost everywhere from clinics, hospitals to community health centers.

Work From Anywhere

As a nurse coach you have the freedom to work from home or you can decide to visit an island while still working. You get to say bye-bye to traffic and long commutes and work from a space you like which is a great recipe for productivity.

Road To Financial Freedom

As a nurse coach, you get to set your work hours and salary rates for your clients which vary from time to time depending on the health and wellness goals. It’s a plus that clients are willing to invest more to achieve their goals when working with nurse coaches.

Final Word

If you are looking to achieve financial freedom, and work on your own terms while improving the health and wellness of your clients, then it’s time to join The Nurse Coach collective course to gain useful insights that will help you become a great nurse coach. It is important to always remind yourself of why you choose to pursue The Nurse Coach Collective Course because the career has its disadvantages and advantages just like any other career. However, the joy is in seeing your clients reach their goals.