Reasons to wear a Pukhraj stone

Pukhraj stone is also commonly known as the Jupiter stone or the Yellow Sapphire stone. But in India, this stone is also identified by names like Pushparag, Peetmani, Pitman and Gururatna. As per the Vedic astrology this stone mainly belongs to the family of conundrum and is also known to be in the same family of ruby and blue sapphire.

One can buy pukhraj stone online and in order to identify the right stone they must know that this stone is available in yellow, golden and orange colors. But there is another premium quality of pukhraj stone available in the market and that is lemon yellowish in color.

Before wearing this stone, one must be aware of the benefits of wearing one. Here are some as follows”

  • This stone can do some great wonders if one can wear them. But they need to wear them properly in order to get the right benefits. Pukhraj can bring prosperity in one’s life along with betterment of the quality of life. When it comes to Navaratna (where there are 9 gemstones), pukhraj is considered to be the most beneficial one. The financial status of the wearer can be improved and they can also be ushered with wealth and fame.
  • Yellow sapphire is considered to be a very auspicious stone when it comes to Vedic astrology. This can bring mental peace and prosperity in the wearer’s life. When one wears this stone, it means that it will bring a lot of stability in their love life and it can improve general health as well. One can also gain a lot of spiritual knowledge by wearing it.
  • If one can wear this stone on a Thursday and that too with pancha dhatu or gold then it can give the wearer some quick results. It is said that if a woman is married, they can wear this stone to get a happy and prosperous marriage life ahead.
  • According to many astrological experts, yellow sapphire can actually keep the evil spirits away. If one wants to increase their concentration in studies and want to pursue higher studies then this stone can bring a lot of focus and confidence in them.
  • Are you trying to get married and yet finding it really difficult to find a perfect match? Then this stone can be of great help. If someone is facing a lot of issues when they are getting married then wearing this stone can actually remove those obstacles. This stone helps one to find the perfect match.
  • This stone is also said to unite the lovers who have been separated for some reason or the other. Wearing this stone actually ensures good health and peace of mind. In fact it can make one calm and composed as well so that they can take some better decisions in life.

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