How to Save Money when Buying Smartphones?

save money

Today, smartphones are not merely devices for communication or social media account updates. Rather, it’s a device to keep yourself updated, capture valuable moments, document files, and much more.

It is an integral component of every project or task in this modish urban era. However, often people find this necessity a bit expensive. But, does this mean deprivation? Certainly, not!

You can conveniently purchase a quality smartphone at lesser costs with some money-saving tips. But first, you need to figure out your purpose with it. Either you want to listen to great songs with mp3 juice free download or just stream and use social media. So, there are different purposes for different people. Read further to unravel these magical and efficient tips!

Trade Your Old Phone

Unless you’re still using a model that once belonged to your eldest sibling, or maybe your dad’s youth (just saying!), your current phone has a substantial worth even now. Just because it’s last to last year’s model, you need not underestimate it and lock it up in a drawer.

Instead, you can take the handset to retailers, who have now expanded their reselling and trading-in businesses. Let’s say you wish to purchase the latest Oppo A9 2020. You can take your old handset to the nearest dealer or get the device listed on an online phone-reselling platform. After updating the buyer with the condition of the smartphone, you can exchange it for a reasonable sum of money.

Now, the amount you have can contribute as a fraction of the total Oppo A9 2020 price in Pakistan. Thus, reducing initial costs and helping you save money.

Shop Online

Today, we reside in a world where everything is only a click away. Be it information, entertainment, clothing, groceries, or even gadgets!

Over time, several online smartphone-selling websites have sprouted up. The latter is not only easing the shopping process but is also easing the purchasing process. These e-commerce stores provide the best possible prices for smartphones of all sorts. So, to save money when purchasing a new smartphone, it’s always better to buy it from an online store.

What’s more, you can even avail of tremendous discounts on their weekly, monthly, or seasonal sales. Some of the sites even grant special discount coupons to regular customers. To make a safer purchase, thoroughly read the return and refund policies of the website before placing your order. Avoid trusting platforms that do not entertain refunds and returns.

Go for mid-range or a year old model

Billboards, pamphlets, TV commercials may only advertise the high-end models manufactured by a brand. But don’t be misguided, those are not your only options. Smartphone manufacturing companies know they need to do both; Showcase their expertise in the field, and equip the masses with standard technology. Thus, each brand introduces a range of phones that are easy on your pocket but provide flagship-level performance. So before you go to the outlet or place your order online, conduct a bit of research over your available options. Also, with the introduction of a newer model, the price of the older ones depreciates substantially. Hence, to save money, you can opt for a year old version of your desired phone as well.

Prefer the Unlocked Phones

A phone purchased through a carrier gets restricted to only one network. To shift to another network, one will have to purchase a new smartphone. Thus, it is wiser and budget-friendly to purchase unlocked phones as they allow multiple network options. With an unlocked phone, you can easily operate through different networks. 

Consider Buying Android

You may find Apple iOS technology an interesting and intriguing one, but the expensive costs are often discouraging. The rising price-tags of the latest iPhones have disheartened even the die-hard fans of the Apple phones. Saving money on them, even with all possible tips and tricks, might be quite a  But you need not worry! The low-priced Android phones perform equally well, and sometimes, even better.

Android happens to be a favorite choice of reputable brands, including  Samsung and Nokia. Through Android, you can access similar or better features at affordable prices. Android even beats iPhones when it comes to certain features, like USB Port and headphone jacks. Most of the latest iPhones lack a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C port, which brings about faster charging. Thus, by buying an Android phone, you will not only save on your initial costs but will also get you better value-for-money.

Targeted Shopping

Whether its groceries or smartphones cover, the best way to save money is to shop smartly. Before your head-out on your smartphone hunt, grab a pen and paper and list down the features you need. Remember, draft the list according to your needs, and not according to your wants, if you wish to make an economical purchase.

For example, decide whether you’d like to spend an extra 5000 for a better camera or would you rather save it? You need to carefully analyze every aspect from the phone’s body design to its operating system, battery life, sensors, warranty, and whatnot.