Seven Carpet Cleaning Methods You Should Definitely Know About!

carpet cleaning

Every year, lakhs of people across the world get sick from the allergens present in the fibre of their rugs or carpets. Hence, it is essential to clean your carpet to avoid such issues appropriately. Cleaning a carpet would increase its lifespan and maintain an excellent healthy indoor environment.

Most of us try to clean our carpets by ourselves, but it might not be the right way. Many professional carpet cleaners in Dubai provide exceptional services both for commercial and residential places. The most efficient cleaning method is steam cleaning which is liked by most of the people.

Let us know about some popular carpet cleaning methods:

Cleaning Methods used by professionals:

1. Carpet Shampooing:

Carpet shampooing is a method which cleans a heavily soiled carpet but leaves behind many wet foam residues in the carpet. It takes slightly longer to dry and then becomes sticky right after drying off. This stickiness can sometimes be frustrating and thus this method is unlikely and less popular than others.

2. Encapsulation:

Encapsulation is an interim carpet cleaning method, in which an encapsulating chemical is sprayed and then brushed with the help of a brush or a bonnet. The encapsulation chemistry surrounds the particles of dirt/soil and forms a crystal so that it cannot attract other soils. These encapsulated soil particles get released from the carpet and are later removed by vacuuming.

This method is preferred over the carpet shampooing method as it uses less water, which results in less drying time as compared to the carpet shampooing method.

3. Dry Cleaning:

This method offers less drying time and is an effective cleaning method and hence has gained increasing popularity and approvals by the leading carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

The dry cleaning method uses specialised machines along with newly developed chemical technologies that enable no-moisture or shallow moisture cleaning. It results in carpet beautification and the removal of stains, allergen, sand, dirt, etc.

4. Dry Foam:

Dry foaming method is very similar to shampooing method in which the cleaning relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action. Brushing action is usually performed using the counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. The only primary difference in both the cleaning methods is that the solution is whipped into a foam in the dry foam method. This foam is applied right before brushing rather than a liquid as done in the shampooing method.

5. Pre-Conditioning:

If the pre-conditioning agents are applied to the carpet earlier in the process, it gives more time to the pre-conditioning agents to bond with the soil particles and it becomes easier to remove them afterwards. This practice is helpful to remove stubborn or tightly gripped dirt particles. There are a variety of pre-conditioning agents available and the choice depends upon the fibre of the carpet.

The carpet cleaners in Dubai have extensive knowledge of the same and can recommend the best-suited product. Generally, alkaline agents are preferred for synthetic fibres and a moderately acidic solution in the case of woollen carpets.

6. Bonnet Cleaning:

Bonnet cleaning requires a skill, which is owned by many carpet cleaners in Dubai. Good surface cleaning results are produced out of this process as it mainly involves cleaning the top part of the carpet fibre. It is performed by using a heavy-duty machine with a spinning pad that is immersed with a cleaning solution to absorb the dirt from the carpet surface. However, this type of service has some limitations. Cleaning is done up to only 1/8 of an inch deep and leaves the residue behind. This method is preferred for thin or very robust carpeting. Otherwise, it will damage the pile of the carpet and the dirt will rub in more in-depth instead of getting off.

7. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:

It is commonly known as ‘The Stream Cleaning’ method but contradictorily no actual steam is involved in the cleaning process. The initial step is to pre-condition the carpet using a pre-spray cleaner with alkalinity of 7pH or above, followed by light agitation with grooming or a pile brush. For very dirty areas with heavy solids, a counter-rotating brush is used.

Later, the surface is passed over a rotary extractor to thoroughly rinse out the pre-conditioner along with an acidic solution to lower the pH of the carpet fibres to the neutral range. Finally, the carpet is dried using a fan or carpet dryer and then it is reset to remove any unsightly wand lines with a carpet brush or groom.

It is advised to get your carpet sanitised adequately after the cleaning process with an antimicrobial agent.

These were some carpet cleaning techniques that you should definitely know. You can decide which one suits you the best or let a credible carpet cleaner in Dubai choose the best method for you.