SIM Card Point of Sale TRA Considerations in UAE

SIM Card Point of Sale TRA Considerations in UAE

Getting telecommunications regulatory authority for radio and telecommunications terminal equipment is mandatory in the United Arab Emirates. An important category that falls in the range of radio and telecommunications terminal equipment is the SIM card. The UAE is a popular destination among tourists who need to get a local SIM as soon as they land.

Keeping in view the needs and requirements, more and more SIM card point of sales are required to facilitate the visitors as well as the local population. However, all of this is not so easy. The government has announced the mandatory requirement of type approval for SIM card point of sale before starting its sale. The parties or dealers ignoring the notion will have to face the implications of illegal practice.

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Dig deeper into this article to explore all SIM card point of sale TRA considerations in UAE and ensure to avoid illegal practices.

Top 8 Points to Consider About SIM Card Sale Point Type Approval

SIM card point of sales requires to follow proper legal procedure in the United Arab Emirates. It falls under the category of telecommunication equipment. The entities managing the sales point without approval or license can also face legal implications of fines, penalties, or other punishments.

Here are the top points the dealers or agents need to consider about SIM card point of sale type approval in the UAE.

1. SIM Card Point of Sale Policies

According to the policy brief, the authorities have declared it mandatory for the sellers of mobile SIM cards to get approval from TRA. The competition is rising in the sales of mobile SIM cards. To regulate the competition, as well as the sales, it is critical that the sellers obtain a license or legal status from the authorities and avoid negative implications.

2. Legal Reference

Article (1) of Decision no. 44 (2009) about the regulation of the point of sale of SIM and recharge cards declares it a regulated activity under Article (1) of Federal Law by Decree no. 3 (2003). It highlights that regulating the telecommunication sector is critical and ensuring legal approval of point of sales of SIM cards is an important aspect of it.

3. Objectives of Policy

The policy regarding approval of SIM card sale points has been introduced and implemented to achieve the objective of regulating and controlling the sales according to the legal framework. In addition to it, it is critical to determine the duties and responsibilities of the licensees, economic entities, licensing entities, as well as enhance economic businesses.

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4. Major Obligations

Major obligations of the economic entities managing the SIM card point of sale include that the entities must obtain a business license from the authorities before starting the sale of SIM cards. To get the approval, the entities need to register as well as provide all the necessary and required documents for the process. In addition to it, the entities need to follow all the implications regarding renewal of approval and the allowed procedures of sale.

5. Documents Required For Registration with TRA

The entities seeking approval from TRA for the SIM card point of sale must provide the following documents to the authorities in order to get registration.

  • Application of registration, including all the needed information.
  • A valid license of business or approval from the relevant economic licensing authority.
  • The valid national identity of the applicant issued by the concerned authority.
  • All the other documents requested by the authorities.

6. Registration Renewal Considerations

The approval granted to the SIM card point of sales entities is only valid for two years. To continue the operations, the sellers or licensees have to apply for renewal after every two years. In addition to it, updating the registration information of mobile number scribers is critical.

7. Registration Fee

The registration fee for the approval of TRA in case of SIM card point of sales varies from one category to the other. So, the parties seeking the registration or the approval must get in touch with the authorities and inquire about the fee criteria. They can only get approval after sharing required documents and paying the registration fee.

8. Audit Considerations

The authorities have the right to audit the license holders in order to check if they are following the practices according to the legal boundaries. On the other hand, if you are operating without a license or approval, you will have to face legal punishment. You can hire service of TRA type approval companies and let the experts take care of all the legal matters while you focus on your business.

Get type approval before starting a SIM card point of sale!

 The authorities in the UAE are significantly concerned about the safety and security of people using telecommunication. Therefore, the manufacturers and dealers have to get approval from authorities to manage their business operations smoothly. Get in touch with professionals to get your approval or license if the process is too complicated for you.