Small Bathroom Remodelling Tips from the Pros

Have you always wanted to have a beautiful spacious lavatory, but had to settle for a small one? But who says tiny bathrooms can’t look wonderful? It’s all about the organisation! No matter the size of your bathroom, you can transform the available space into an awe-inspiring functional washroom you’ll adore. How can you do so?

If you’re planning on remodelling your loo, use that chance to transform your shower room into the bathroom of your dreams. To make it look mesmerising, follow the remodelling tips from pros and create a masterpiece in your home!

1. Smartly plan the layout

Before you get down to business, you need to create a certain plan. Have you planned your budget? If not, get to it! Once you know how much money you’re willing to spend on your bathroom, start thinking about the layout. As the space is limited, you won’t have a large variety of choices. However, you will get a perfect chance to plan things out how you like them!

Before you start, think about the pipes. If you’re ready to invest in new ones, changing your layout completely is possible. But that does cost a lot of money. So, instead of that, try to find the most suitable solution for your bathroom layout without moving the pipes. 

2. Pick durable materials

Even though you may like the way certain materials look, you need to think twice before investing in them. Some people think that it’s completely chic to place hardwood floors in the lavatory. However, wood won’t last long in such a moist environment so try to think of alternatives.

Choose quality ceramics for the tiles and marble for countertops or wall details. It will add a sense of luxury. In addition to that, opt for the see-through glass shower door as it will visually enlarge your space. 

3. Carefully choose colours 

Certain colours affect the way your space looks. Even though it may seem like a bold and interesting idea to pick bright or neon colours for your bathroom, sooner or later you will regret it. Instead of risking it, opt for an interesting choice of natural colours. Brown, green and grey will look wonderful in a bathroom of any size.

On the other hand, too many dark colours can make your lavatory appear smaller! So, a safer option would be to create a bathroom with light colours. White, beige or baby blue are the perfect colours for smaller spaces. On top of that, there’s no one stopping you from choosing details of stronger colours!

4. Good lighting is essential 

No matter the size of your bathroom, lighting plays a huge role in the way it looks. Dim lights may look cool somewhere else, but in a tiny bathroom, dim lights only seem creepy! So, make sure to implement enough lights in your lavatory.

Think about the different levels of light to create a gorgeous space. Ceiling light combined with wall light is the top choice for smaller loos!

5. Ventilation is crucial 

Even though ventilation won’t make your tiny bathroom seem larger, it will certainly make it feel better. Every bathroom needs a fresh air flow as moisture and steam will make it uncomfortable. So, think about the types of ventilation you can implement in your loo.

You can choose artificial ventilation for small loos that don’t have an access to an outer wall. However, if you can, installing a small window in your bathroom will not only improve the airflow but also increase the lighting. On top of that, a window provides you with a certain amount of security, especially if you’re claustrophobic!

6. Add a bit of luxury

Who says small bathrooms can’t be luxurious? Even though there is no place for a large jacuzzi or a great marble wall with gorgeous vanity, you can implement different kind of luxury to your bathroom. What can you do?

For example, you can add floor heating to prevent your feet from getting cold in those freezing months. It doesn’t only feel wonderful, but it saves your money as well! Even though it’s an investment, it pays off in the long run. The heated floor allows you to keep your thermostat lower as you’ll constantly feel warm!

7. Visually larger place

Have you wondered how to make your tiny bathroom feel larger? Besides choosing the lighter colours and paying attention to the lighting, don’t forget about mirrors. Mirrors provide you with a great optical illusion that a small and tight space is actually larger! However, you’ll need to install your mirror smartly. How can you do that? 

Ideally, to create a visually larger space, pros recommend installing your mirror on the opposite wall of your door. That’s how it will seem more spacious when you walk in. On top of that, implement some light on the side of your mirror to add the wow effect. 

8. Make space count 

Even though small bathrooms usually don’t have enough storage space, you need to carefully plan it to make it count. Cramming your loo with a lot of shelves and cabinets is certainly not a solution. Clutter will only make your tight space feel tighter. So, what can you do to get the most out of the smalls space you have?

Before you install purchase another cabinet, think about the space you can use. Think vertically! Implement vertical storage solutions that will not only save you space but make your bathroom look more organised. Also, don’t neglect your vanity or cabinet. Use the cabinet doors and bathroom door as additional storage if necessary. That’s how you’ll organise your lavatory to look neat, yet have everything you need at the reach of your fingertips!

9. Pay attention to details

Just because you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect details. Details tie the whole design together creating a comprehensive place you’ll adore. If you take a look at the picture-perfect bathrooms from magazines, you’ll notice that lovely details stick out creating a mesmerising atmosphere. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Purchase beautiful bathroom accessories that will stick out and complete your entire design. Pros will tell you that accessories and details, such as fixtures, towel racks and soap holders are the most important aspect of your design. Not only do they complete it, but also create a fancier atmosphere in your small lavatory. That’s why you have to choose quality details to complete the look!

10. Don’t forget about finishing touches

Even though you may think that bathroom accessories are more than enough, you should consider adding some finishing touches to make your bathroom complete. An empty bathroom looks cold and uninviting. So, think about adding a carpet, display towels and plants.

Bathroom plants will freshen up your space and make it come to life. Combined with well-chosen colours and high-quality details, bathroom plants will transform your ordinary space into the bathroom of your dreams. Even the famous designers will envy you once you complete the look with rugs and towels. Keep in mind that too many colours will create chaotic energy, so try to keep it simple!


Remodelling your bathroom is nowhere near easy. You have to pay attention to every centimetre of your space so it perfectly matches the layout. Besides that, the fixtures and other bathroom elements you choose play a huge role in the way your bathroom will be perceived. However, the most important aspect is the organisation and how you tie the whole design together. That will transform your small bathroom into the lavatory you’ll adore!