Small Business Loan

Before we dream about being a successful businessman, we must have to be strong financially even to carry out small and required tasks of business.

Therefore we are here to introduce you to plangrip, is the best-known solution for your all sort of business issues and also for providing financial support to small start-ups business through its small business loan schemes. It is the easiest solution for all your business and financial problems.

PlanGrip has also provided financial assistance to many small businesses at a very low-interest rate in India– offer business loans to assist you to start or manage your business.

Let’s Look At, How Small Business Loan Carry Out Your Small Business Activities Effectively?  

Getting a small business fund or loan assist you in carrying out expenses that are done on a daily basis. Small Business loans not only keeps your business running but also help you grow and expand.

Loans are given to micro and medium businesses, like fulfilling the requirements of assets, infrastructure needs, expansion, and upgradation.

These loans specifically was designed for small or micro-businesses, which could or will not qualify for traditional business loans. Since they’re less restrictive and unrequited work, small businesses can take advantage of these loans.

Things You Must Know Before Applying For Small Business Loan At Plangrip

  • Instant calculating eligibility – Plangrip facilitates the calculation of loans for the user eligibility instantly.
  • The on-line application process just so easy and simple – you’ll be ready to complete our online application with straightforward steps in a very short time.
  • Quick documentation process – Usually, we tend to spice up any documents, however, we tend to create it easy for you to transfer your files online with a single click.
  • Easy getting approved
  • No need to submit collateral – There you find no any extra charges or you feel like it’s a daylight robbery.
  • Have the lowest interest rates – All our finance solutions are provided at competitive loan interest rates, that make sure that they are getting to be just low-priced.
  • EMI(easily monthly installments) payment Process is different  – Tenures and obstacle-free EMI payment.
  • An instant small business loan is sanctioned through plangrip– After getting the approval then you will be able to access your funds or cash so easily.

Eligibility Criteria For Small Business Loan At Plangrip

  • For obtaining small business loan your minimum and maximum age must be between 21to 65 years.
  • Applicant profile – Your operative experience in associate degree passing supposed company causes you to eligible for this small loan.
  • Income – A business needs to earn profits from a minimum of one year.
  • Business expertise –you got to have a minimum of sixty months of business expertise and current business must be a minimum of forty-eight months.
  • Turnover – $2880.60 p.a. got to be the minimum annual gain.

Small Business Loan For Small And Micro Businesses In Terms Of Fulfilling Business Requirements

  • Enhance business gain otherwise, you’ll say cash flow – the money got from the small business is a further resource that will be utilized inside the realm of the business wherever is urgently needed.
  • Easy business loans convenience – we provide business loans with no collateral and this makes it straightforward for all small entrepreneurs to avail of this small business loan.
  • Tax benefits – This loan lets you stop wasting taxes. this might be as a result of there unit few sectors of the taxation act that specific the share of profit accustomed to repay the loan.
  • Low fee and rates of interest – we offer loans at lower fees and small business loan rates than completely different agencies.
  • Quite flexible – The liability of small business funds extends to their compensation provisions.
  • For construction building – Small business loans can also be used for business or company reconstruction or we can also say for some repair work of buildings.
  • Instantly approved– Hurdles-less application processing with instant approval for small business loans.

Do Some Required Paperwork In Order To Obtain  Small Business Loan

  • Identity proof –PAN / Passport / Aadhaar card.
  • Photographs –2 passport size color pic.
  • Ration card/phone bill / Electricity Bill will be quite enough to mention your address.
  • Financial documents of the Last three years ITR (self and business), profit and loss account, balance sheets certified/audited by a CA.
  • Income proof- business checking account statements past 12 months.
  • Proof of business existence
  • Business profile – Proof of business 
  • Ownership/ lease /rent agreement.

 Interest Rate For Small Business Loan will Depend Upon Following facts

  • Business History
  • Business Credit Score
  • Annual profit
  • Cash Flow Statements where your incoming and outgoing cash or money is recorded in papers
  • Your time in business
  • Collateral is required to get this loan.