Efficient Way to Fix SQL Database Restore Failed Database Is In Use Error

Are you facing SQL database restore failed database is in use error? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will you to resolve all the issues related to this error.

Microsoft SQL Server is an indispensable relational database management system. This application is used to manage and store information. It allows the user to store and retrieve a large amount of data by applying SQL queries to the database. Despite being one of the best database application, it throws various errors such as SQL database restore failed database is in use.

In this blog, We are going to resolve this problem related to SQL database restore failed database is in use. We will discuss various solutions to solve the problem. Let us understand the error with the help of Question asked in the forum site:

Hello, I am a user of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, I want to restore a database from the .bak file. But it shows error like SQL database restores error database in use. Please help me to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance!”

Here are the Basic Requirements to Solve this Problem

1. SQL Server of any version is necessary.

2. And SQL Server Management Studio must be installed

Note: The user can also read the post to know how to restore SQL database from MDF file.

Method to Resolve SQL Database Restore Failed Database Is in Use Issue

When the user tries to restore the database, it is mandatory to disconnect all the users. The user can use close all connection options to disconnect all the users.

1. First Check the Active users:– Since the error message indicates, that someone is using the database. You can use sp_who and sp_who2 to check active users. These are the popular system stored procedure. This is helpful when the user doesn’t want to disconnect the active users. In this way, you can notify them before disconnecting them.

2. Don’t Restart the Service: – The user can restart the device by using SQL Server Management Studio. So by restarting the SQL Server, the user can disconnect all the users connected to SQL Server. But it is not recommended and always be the last priority when the other method does not work.

3. Switch the Database to Single-user Mode to Multiple User Mode:- The user can change to Single user mode from Multiple user mode. It will disconnect all the connected users. The user can use this option if in case if the user wants to disconnect all the users without notifying them.

Follow the T-SQL Script to Change from Multiple User to Single User Mode

Use Master






Note: The user can try the manual solution to resolve the SQL database restore error database in use. In case the user is facing any difficulty then the user can take the help of an Automated solution to resolve this problem.

What to Do In case You Have Corrupted Backups

In case if your database is corrupt then you can take the help of SQL Database Recovery Software to recover SQL database easily. This software can easily restore the data from corrupted MDF file. Also, the user can recover SQL database objects such as SQL tables, stored procedures, functions, views, indexes, etc, This utility can easily recover the data stored in the MDF files without hampering the original data. This software works Excellent in solving problems like SQL Server shutdowns, corruption, recovering in deleted SQL database.


Note: In case if the user wants to recover data from corrupted SQL .bak file then the user can try to use SysTools SQL backup recovery tool to recover corrupt SQL database.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have resolved the problem SQL database restore failed database is in use problem. We have given the manual workaround to resolve this issue. Also, we have discussed the automated solution to perform this task. But to avoid any data loss situation the user can take the help of automated solutions to resolve this issue.