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A world-class school with over 300 establishments across the country, Sri Chaitanya school is exemplified by many as the perfect destination for education. Dr. B.S Rao is the founder and the chairman of this school. Its main branch is in Hyderabad, Telangana. And the school’s topmost goal is to concentrate on the holistic development of every child. The teachers at this school are experts in their subjects. If someone is in search of SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS then this is the right place for them. This article will provide a comprehensive review from some of the alumni of the school about their experiences. It will talk about the most important aspects that parents considered while taking admission for their children.


Ronak is an ex-student of this school. In his SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS, he says he had an amazing experience at this school. Let’s see what his take is on the teachers of the school. According to Ronak, every year’s pattern of studies is improvised, and advanced methods of teaching are used. Experts of subjects are also appointed who clear every concept from the very basics to the most complicated ones. They make sure that students do not face any hindrances in understanding advanced concepts. Teachers are available for the student whenever they need their help. And Ronak says that “they never stopped to guide their students”. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Chaitanya school reached out to every student and taught them through live sessions and pre-recorded sessions that were very helpful for many students out there who were facing tribulations in understanding heavy concepts. According to Ronak, the reason why Sri Chaitanya is better than other institutions is when students are suffering from mental pressures of exams they conduct mental health counselors for them. According to him, Sri Chaitanya has the best faculties for JEE mains and JEE advance.

Shri Chaitanya Reviews For Competitive Exams

Nikhil Raj Chouhan is an ex-student from Madhapur Campus. His SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS says that according to him, it is the best school for cracking competitive exams. From study materials to canteens and their hostels, a high standard of quality is maintained around the campus. He says, “I can guarantee that studying in an institution like Sri Chaitanya will be a great outcome for students.” His hostel life was best for him because he was surrounded by students who had a burning desire to crack the competitive exam.

Alisha, also an alumnus, has a tip for everyone going to join Sri Chaitanya. She says not to join this school if you don’t have an interest in IIT, JEE, or any other competitive exam. Because if anyone doesn’t have an interest in the competitive exam then he will face many problems in the school. This school is best-known known for its competitive exam and the curricula focus a lot on the same.

For Hostlers

Srikar says in his SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS that “it is the best school for studying but bad as a hostel”. He advised students that everyone who is joining there as a hostler should have some experience of living in a hostile environment before. This is because they will wake you up at 5:00 am and the classes will start from 6 am to 12:30 pm, and you will get two breaks between these classes. And from 2:00 pm your study hours will continue with another two breaks. The length of the Breaks will be 3 to 4 hours. In short, hostlers should know how to manage their time.

SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS – Helps you to crack any competitive Exams

Himanshu says, “This school provides you a world of knowledge to help you in cracking any competitive exam.” They will not fail to deliver what a student needs. Student’s chances get high of getting a high rank in competitive exams. It will be a great investment for a student because they constantly put students in a challenging situation through their tests and debates. It also helps in developing critical thinking. He also says that “their teaching methodology has proven to be a great success.”

Will There Be No Fun Time For Students?

If parents are wondering that there would be no time for students to have fun and enjoyment. Well, it’s not like that. The time table of this school is constituted in a way that students can have enough fun, sports, and other recreational activities along with their studies. The team member of Sri Chaitanya school makes sure to look out for student’s mental health and physical health. Parents should not worry that their children would have a fun time or not.

So, these were the SRI CHAITANYA REVIEWS based on ex-students’ past personal experiences at Sri Chaitanya School. Hope that these reviews helped you in getting enough knowledge about Sri Chaitanya School.