Talent Management Trends for Future of Work in 2020!

The recent infographic titled ‘2020 Talent Management Trends for Future of Work” by world leaders in Talent Management – Talent Management Institute talks about the Talent Management Trends in 2020, the skill gaps HR leaders must address and add to their kitty if they wish to succeed as HR professional.

The infographic talks about the numerous changes at the workplace, rising demands of employees and the Talent Management trends that have evolved with the organizations shifting toward automation and digitalization. With the emphasis on how HR leaders could prepare for the future of work, this infographic by the globally renowned certification body in Talent Management shares what all should be the priorities of HR leaders in 2020 and what would be expected from them to understand to ensure better performances in 2020.

Speaking about the preparation for the future of work, the infographic threw light on the fact that an HR leaders’ priorities in 2020 must focus on the critical needs of the organization and they should reach beyond the existing talent pool and also strengthen the business.

The infographic also shared that it was important for HR leaders to understand the factors that would shape the future of work in 2020 and beyond. In other words, an HR leader should become connected learners, co-create strategy by considering the market-driven predictive approach and motivate employees.

Interestingly, the infographic also threw light on the fact that about 85% of the jobs that would exist in 2030 have not yet been invented. Yes, that’s the fact! Other than that, the five factors that would shape the future of work in 2020 and beyond include –

  1. New behaviors have been shaped by social media and the internet.
  2. The millennial workforce who have brought about a major shift in organizations.
  3. Globalization has created a boundary-less workplace.
  4. Technologies like Cloud, IoT, Big Data that have changed the working and living style.
  5. Mobility or increase in remote working culture

While the above-mentioned factors would shape the future of work, there were Talent Management trends to watch out for in 2020 including –

  1. Employee experience would be the prime focus
  2. Everyone would be able to use People Analytics
  3. Reskilling goes into a higher gear
  4. Workforce planning has a new rule of being Agile
  5. Human roles get reconfigured with AI
  6. A birth of a new HR organization
  7. There is a switch of Change management to digital
  8. Gig work is quite helpful for hourly laborers
  9. Organizational Network Analysis goes mainstream
  10. And last but definitely not the least is our core tool ‘Benchmarking’

 As the infographic shared the factors that would shape the workplace and the Talent Management trends, it also shared how HR leaders could upskill for the future and here are five ways the infographic discussed with readers –

  1. Identification of skills gap and reducing the mismatches
  2. It is important to future proof skills strategy
  3. The cultural foundation is another must
  4. One should develop and implement upskilling
  5. Evaluate the return on investment

In order to achieve all that was shared in the infographic, it is important to upgrade, upskill, upscale and retrain yourself through certification in Talent Management. So what are you waiting for here’s your chance to get certified.