Tally Cloud Computing – What it is & How it Improves Business Efficiency ?

These days Tally Cloud Computing has been drawing attention from large businesses and individuals for many potential reasons, as the use of Tally on cloud platform surges due to mandatory work from home because of Corona Virus pandemic.

Need of Tally Cloud Computing in 21st Century:

tally cloud computing

As we all are aware, it is impossible to use Tally which is installed on the office system on my home PC as it is purely a Windows-based licensed application. Moreover, the latest Tally ERP.9 Release 6.6 eliminates the user dependency on a system by offering the view of company reports from the browser. But it only allows to see the sheets and reports online and take print of it.

In case if a user wants to use the same account to work on Tally company data from other location, then SysTools Tally on Cloud service is the only alternative. Because there is no web version of the same software available as cleared above.

To get in-depth knowledge, let’s understand the Tally cloud service in detail.

What is SysTools Tally Cloud Computing?

No doubt, accessing any application or system from anywhere makes it easy for a company to grow geographically since the internet is available everywhere. As well as, there is no requirement to have any kind of hardware and software at remote locations. On similar principle, the Tally Cloud computing offered by SysTools works.

As we all know, cloud computing provides ease by offering the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Similarly, to make Tally a SaaS solution, the application hosted on the robust servers which are placed on SysTools Tier IV data center. So, the members of a company can access and use the Tally accounting platform directly from the server through RDP connection from any location and device.

One of the biggest advantages to use traditional Tally ERP software over the cloud server is the “Remote access” from any device irrespective of the location. Moreover, it is proven that when the Tally application moved to the cloud, capital cost on infrastructure is lowered, because computing resources are leased rather than purchased outright and maintained on-premises.

Rumors of security risks have circulated around the Tally cloud computing service. In response, the SysTools used the resilient 8 Zone physical data center & network security with 99.995% uptime. Besides this, Tally data backup on the multiple servers all the time and a disaster recovery plan is always there. Apart from this, Tally cloud computing for Mac & Linux is also available.

Advantages of Tally on Cloud Computing:

  • Backup of Tally accounting data on enterprise-class Tier 4 data center.
  • Lowest Latency
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Flexibility
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • High Time Availability or Disaster Recovery
  • Ease of Upgrades
  • Fits in the budget
  • Reduced IT Staff
  • Robust Security
  • 99.995 %Up-time
  • Incredible Bandwidth
  • No Server Maintenance Cost

Cost Effective Tally Cloud Computing:

In Tally cloud computing, you will get a server with the pre-installed Tally application and other IT resources configured as per your requirement. All you need to require to have a license for accounting software. Afterward, you need to pay for the resources you will use. IT infrastructure scalability is also there. So, it is easy to upscale and downscale the IT infra according to the business need. The entire server maintenance takes care by SysTools, so, businesses can focus on their work more.

There is a big change, especially for those who are doing remote jobs or work from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Tally online can be accessible from computer to mobile, hence, a perfect solution for this current situation.

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