The Best Wedding Accessories You Can Find in Bridal Shops

A wedding look isn’t complete without accessories. Whether you want to go for a minimalist wedding gown or a big, fancy one, it is still really important to accessorize.

However, some brides-to-be who aren’t fans of accessories may not have immediate access to these gorgeous accessories that would go well with their gowns. Fortunately, most bridal boutiques—for instance, the bridal shops in NJ—offer some bridal accessories that you can rent or buy.

Here’s a list of the wedding accessories that you can find in any bridal shop near you:

Wedding Veils

What wedding look would be complete without a veil? Wedding dresses NJ offer a variety of veils that you can rent or buy. Wedding veils come in different lengths, styles, and colors. The longer ones are commonly used for traditional church weddings, while the shorter ones are commonly used by contemporary brides-to-be and for smaller wedding celebrations, such as a civil wedding.

You can even request to customize your veils, you can even have it embroidered if it matches well with your wedding gown. You can visit your nearest wedding dress store in NJ to start your quest in searching for the perfect wedding veil for your big day.

Wedding Garters

Wedding garters have always been a part of traditional weddings. If you don’t know what a wedding garter is, it is a bridal garment or accessory that brides wear under their wedding dress. Wedding receptions usually have this part wherein the groom takes off the bride’s wedding garter and then tosses it for the bachelors to catch.

Whoever catches the garter is believed to be the next person to be married. The garter toss is the male equivalent of the bouquet toss.

There are many modern alternatives to the garter toss, but if you or your partner opt for the traditional one, you can buy a wedding garter or have it custom-made in your preferred bridal boutique in central NJ.


Earrings can make a statement in your wedding attire. It completes the look, and it’s also going to be featured in every wedding photo that you partake in. This is why it’s important to choose a set of earrings that match well with your wedding look. If you don’t have any earrings, you can search for them in any bridal shop near you.

If you can’t find the perfect earrings for you in bridal boutiques, don’t hesitate to visit other shops; for instance, any shop that sells quinceanera dresses in NJ may have a wide selection of earrings that they can rent out.

Necklaces and bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets are also some of the important accessories that a bride can wear on her wedding day. Usually, the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are matching. Some bridal stores can rent out a necklace, bracelet, and earrings set. Just inquire and coordinate with the staff during your first visit.


The groom’s accessories are just as important as the bride’s. Make him feel special on the wedding day by renting or buying a cufflink that matches his outfit. The cufflink will secure the cuffs of the groom’s dress shirt, and it will make him look more mature and attractive not only in your eyes but in the eyes of the guests as well. Some wedding photographers even take solo photos of grooms “fixing” or touching their cufflinks.


Did you know that grooms can match the flowers in the bride’s bouquet? The mini flower arrangement that a groom pins on his suit is called boutonnieres, or most commonly called buttonholes. Buttonholes are best when they’re made with fresh flowers.

However, if you choose to rent or buy one, bridal stores also offer fake buttonholes for grooms. If you can’t find the buttonhole that would match your bridal bouquet, you can check out any prom store in NJ.

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