The Brief and Only RV Checklist Every Owner Should Have

Whether you’ve been traveling in your RV for many years or are setting out on your first-time adventure, you must have a comprehensive RV checklist.

Being on the road for a long time can throw out many challenges, so it’s vital to be prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately, you can ensure you are safe and ready for any eventuality by following some simple rules.

Read on to find out how to prepare for your next RV road trip.

Maintenance and Safety RV Checklist

When taking your RV on the road, the most important factor is always safety—both for yourself and other road users.

You should have some necessary equipment such as a fire extinguisher, spare fuses, a battery charger, and jumper cables.

You should also have all your paperwork, such as insurance documents and your driver’s license, in the vehicle. It can take some time to tick off everything on your list, so you need to have a suitable location to inspect your RV.

If you are keeping your vehicle away from home, choosing storage units that are safe and secure is a good option.

You can spend the time you need in a brightly lit and spacious environment to ensure your RV is ready for the trip ahead.

RV Kitchen Checklist

After RV safety, next on your RV travel checklist should be kitchen essentials. You need to eat well and have plenty of fluids to enjoy your trip and stay healthy when away on a long road trip.

Ensure you have all your pots, pans, cutlery, bowls, plates, and glasses in accessible cupboards. It’s a good idea to pack aluminum foil and ziplock bags for packing food so you can eat when on a hike.

Other RV essentials include bin bags to keep garbage secure so you don’t attract rodents or unwanted attention from larger animals.

You should also bring plenty of dish soap, and disinfectant surface sprays to keep your RV hygienic.

RV Personal Care Checklist

It’s important to take good care of yourself when you’re on the road. Remember to pack enough personal care items such as shower gel and shampoo to last for the duration of your trip.

You may also want to take nail clippers, razor blades, and shaving cream to keep your appearance neat and tidy.

RV Trailer Checklist

Your trailer equipment should include items such as camping chairs, rugs, and even a tent.

You want to make your trip as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, so your trailer is a great place to store all your favorite camping items. You can keep large refillable water bottles for emergencies and store plenty of sunscreen.

Keeping a supply of insect repellant is always a good idea as you never know the conditions you’ll find when you reach your destination.

Prepare and Enjoy Your Journey

When you have all your RV essentials ready, you can relax and look forward to the adventure ahead. With practice, you’ll know your RV checklist inside out and be able to get ready for your trip in no time at all.

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