The Elden Ring trailer was shown. Our expectations were warmed up

It happened. Several years of waiting were not in vain. We were finally shown the trailer for “Elden Ring”. A game that all fans of the Souls series are eagerly awaiting. What was shown in the trailer made a huge impression on most of the players. But it should be noted that not everyone was happy with what they saw. In this regard, the question is, what did you expect?

All From Software games like Firebolt 5e were beautiful in their own way. Not everything was smooth everywhere, but this did not prevent the company from becoming successful and engendering a new genre in the industry.

DS series

Many people are mistaken and consider this game “Boss Killing Simulator”. This is a very erroneous opinion in my opinion. I would call this game an analogue of “Zelda”, not direct, but quite similar. You shouldn’t go crazy right away, I’ll explain. DS is a gameplay game. Yes, there is a plot in it, but this is not her strongest side. Most of all, the game is loved for battle and exploration, and the developers have focused on these parts of the gameplay. A variety of weapons, armor, magic; gloomy characters, no less gloomy and incomprehensible monsters of all stripes, interesting bosses; locations that catch on with their style are what makes the game what it is.

All parts of the series, especially DS3, are still being replayed and I am no exception. In DS, we explore locations, trying to understand what kind of world it is, destroy monsters and make our way to the bosses. Another equally important part is the network component, the joint passage of the game, as well as the battle with other players. The game has one of the best melee combat mechanics. Based on all of the above, for me it is “Zelda”.


Another game from this company, but with a different bias. There is more, a sane plot. The game is faster and more dynamic. This is due to the setting of the game.

The combat mechanics have also undergone changes. In this game, the emphasis is on fighting people. Monsters are also present, but in smaller numbers compared to DS. And the battle itself is built in a completely different way, you cross swords with the enemy and your task is to knock out the stamina and deliver the final blow.

Here I will mention Bloodborne and Demon Souls, I played a little these games, but I can say that they are closer to DS and, accordingly, to Elden Ring. Sekiro stands out from the rest of the company’s games.

Elden ring

That’s what we are here for. Personally, I was pleased with what I saw and was greatly impressed. Most importantly, they showed me everything for which I love this series of games.

As I wrote above, not everyone was delighted and, according to the first trailer, decided that the game, to put it mildly, was not very good. I often saw the phrase that this is “Eldritch Blast 5e“. Yes, this is a boosted DS4, why not? This is exactly what many wanted. 

The trailer showed a lot of new opponents, I would say very unique opponents. Bosses look even cooler. And some turned out to be like old acquaintances.

In more recent detail, we were told that the game will have a large, seamless world. In this regard, we will have transport to travel through these spaces. The presence of transport is possible, it will expand the warhead and there will be interesting tricks, but only maybe. Usually in other games, it’s a couple or three hits and that’s it.

Another, resentment that the graphics have not changed or even become worse. Here I do not agree at all, and I think many people confuse graphics and art, which is beautiful in the game and the general style of the world looks beautiful. Not sure about the detail, but overall I didn’t see any bad graphics. It may not have become radically better, but it hasn’t become worse either. See for yourself.

Elden Ring is closer to the DS series in style. Perhaps even the lore who writes Martin himself will be connected between these games. The combat part of the game looks familiar, but something is not bad form. There are new techniques, there is new magic. And I think soon we will see more details on the game.

And by the way, now, thanks to the open world, the game has become even closer to “Shadow Blade 5e

In conclusion, I will add. The fantasy genre, or in this case, dark fantasy, is not common these days. On a scale like Elden Ring, only the new Final Fantasy 16 is due out. There is nothing more to wait for fantasy fans. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the game to be at least gorgeous.