The Environmental Merits Of EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

The International Energy Agency communicates the current scenario of electric vehicle market through its Global EV Outlook publication every year. The report of this agency for the last many years has focused on the significance of individual communities to fostering a worldwide shift toward electric vehicles or EVs. The agency has revealed that the successful adoption of electric vehicles and its resultant benefits largely accrue due to the practices of cities and local jurisdictions that are mainly accountable for the installation of EV charging point and other EV infrastructure.

Here are some of the major ways in which EV charging can bring about a positive change in both the environment and your community.

1. Clean Air

Almost half of the smog in the U.K arises from motor vehicles. The exhaust from cars that are powered by diesel and gas comprises a mix of chemicals and gases.

When you drive an electric vehicle that does not emit any harmful emissions, you are essentially eliminating a huge chunk of environmental contaminants like nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter. It positively impacts the air quality.

2. Reduced Cost Of Driving

The fact that electric vehicles are much cheaper to fuel and maintain than conventional cars is hidden from no one. The analysis of the Union of Concern Scientists has revealed that a person who drives an electric vehicle saves $770 annually as compared to the one who drives a conventional car. The advances in the EV domain like EO mini pro 2, a small charger that enables drivers to charge their vehicle using solar energy in the comfort of their own homes has made the switch over to EVs even more lucrative.

3. An Example For The Development Of Similar Transport Mediums

Electric vehicles have mesmerized many people all over with their numerous advantages. It has stimulated the development of other similar vehicles. In the future, more electric cars are likely to be developed that will also be automated.

Electric vehicles that are connected also produce information that can be utilised by planners to reconfigure parking and streets in a better manner.

4. Positive Impact On The Health And Quality Of Life

The community of people residing near places like highways often become the victim of health conditions that arise from the pollution emitted by the transportation vehicles. Not only this, but the emissions coming from vehicles also lead to traffic congestion, pavement damage, noise, and safety problems.

Drivers also are under much strain to frequently fill their gas stands. It significantly takes a toll on drivers that are from low-income background. All these problems can be resolved by an electric vehicle. Its benefits like noiseless engine reduced cost of fuel, and zero emissions are what is needed to improve the health and quality of life of such communities.

5. Increases The Appeal Of A Property

Setting up EV charging units in family dwellings will significantly increase the value of the property to the emerging demographic of drivers that use EV. The Right to Charge Laws of many states have authorised that certain number of EV charge ports be established in the parking areas of those regions where there are multi-family dwellings.

In such areas, businesses, shopping, and housing properties that do not conform to these rules will lose their value.

6. A Step Toward Dealing With Climate Change

No one is strange to the effect of global warming. Local communities worldwide are taking action to prevent the damage caused by it. They are creating sustainability roadmaps that comprise greater use of renewables and a move toward electric vehicles. Thus, choosing an electric vehicle can be seen as your contribution toward a better environment.

The above-mentioned environmental benefits accruing from an EV must have convinced you of the important role of EV in today’s scenario.