The importance of post-secondary talent search programs

There is no uncertainty that success in college starts at the secondary level of education, with careful course selection, career focus, and stellar academic performance during the high school years. However, not every student is fortunate enough even to attend college, and most of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They face nearly unsolvable obstacles when preparing for the possibility of post-secondary education. Therefore, to give some of these students a chance at a college degree, the education talent search program was produced. 

What is an educational talent search program?

Any educational talent search program recognizes and assists students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the zeal and potential to succeed in further education. The program provides financial, career, and academic counseling to its participants and supports the under-privileged students to graduate from high school and continue further for completing the postgraduate courses. The educational talent search program publicizes the availability of financial support, and help the participant with the post-secondary application process. The idea behind educational talent search programs is to expand the amount of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who finish high school and enroll in and complete their post-secondary education. 

When it comes to educational talent search examination programs, TALLENTEX or the talent search exam conducted by ALLEN educational institutes comes to the forefront. TALLENTEX stands for ALLEN’S Talent Encouragement Exam. TALLENTEX is a uniquely designed initiative to support young talent with scholarships, cash prizes, and mentoring by ALLEN Career Institute. As a career institute, ALLEN knows that an encouragement program not only produces an opportunity for participants to apply their ability and gain appreciation but also it trains their mind for higher targets of tomorrow.

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What makes TALLENTEX so different from other exams? 

  • Milestones: The reason behind the difference of TALLENTEX is ALLEN Career Institute itself. ALLEN is a leading institute in the field of coaching young, aspiring students from class VI to XII & XII passed so that they can proceed on a bright career path by winning at various milestones in their academic period.
  • Trust: ALLEN is the most result dominating and trusted institute in India, having strong roots in rich academic legacy since 1988. More than 10 Lakhs pupils have trusted ALLEN Classroom in over 31 years.
  • Competitive Scenario: ALLEN’s testing system and teaching methodology is a benchmark for it’s enrolled undergraduates all across India level, which empowers TALLENTEX to offer you the most realistic competition.

Unique Benefits provided by TALLENTEX

  • All the students competing in TALLENTEX will be provided with their Zonal Rank, National Rank, and State Rank in their respective classes. Also, the analysis of subject-wise and overall performance will be given in the report format after the announcement of the result.
  • All the students competing in TALLENTEX will be provided with their Competitive Success Index (CSI). Based on CSI, a student can evaluate the potential of success in respective higher competitive exams, including JEE (Advanced), JEE(Mains), NEET (UG), International Olympiads, AIIMS, KVPY or NTSE.
  • Students, who are ranked in National Top-20 Rank of each class in TALLENTEX will be called for joining SPS at Kota. SPS will be conducted by ALLEN’s national-level teachers on critical factors that transform students into exceptional performers. SPS not only allows you to know about the factors other than just dedication and hard work to transfer your struggles into success, but it also gives you a platform to interact with national toppers in one place.

While the main focus of the programs is to ensure that the students get in post-secondary institutions of any kind, they also pay attention to helping students succeed in their secondary efforts. Its prime focus is on helping marginalized and underprivileged students, and students who usually face trouble in most post-secondary schools. Students who do not have a proper home and live in foster care, students who aren’t fluent in English, students with disabilities, etc., also benefit from this. Besides these, the programs also aid students who come from low-income households and those who, for some reason, have not been able to receive a secondary education. The educational talent search program works through awards granted to post-secondary organizations, institutions, or public agencies, and community-based groups that work with disadvantaged youth. The grants are conferred to particular projects planned to support the demographics of the student population to get the support and tools they need to succeed in an academic atmosphere. Educational talent search program competitions are held many times a year, and at that time, lucky post-secondary schools and organizations may receive a piece of the pie to help underprivileged learners in their areas accomplish academic success.