The interior guide for an instant beautiful home

Your house is the place where you come after a long day of work, where you receive your friends and where you see your children grow up. Then it better be fun! Limited budget? No time? According to interior stylist Anne-Catherine Gerets (Clo Clo), these are no excuses for not rolling up your sleeves. In Insta Interieur she gives handy and affordable tips & tricks to make your home a real home:

  • How can you use color and light to create a cozy home?
  • With what hacks do you make a tidy house a piece of cake?
  • Which interior addresses should you definitely know?
  • How do you make a room Instagram-proof when friends come over?

She lets you look inside inspiring interiors and kitchen design teaches you some cool, achievable DIYs step-by-step. Home is where the heart is… And of course where you feel at home!

Anne-Catherine Gerets (Clo Clo) is an interior junkie with a great love for Scandinavian design, colorful parties and stylish decor. She gives interior workshops and works for brands such as Mal Corboy NZ