The man behind Shimnit India’s success

Nitin Shah Biography

The name Nitin Shah is very meaningful to all those individuals who work for Shimnit India. As a founding member, Nitin Shah’s journey of developing the enterprise to where it stands today is all because of the amalgamation of his hard and smart work and his dedication to building a successful business enterprise.

Today, Shimnit India has a group of companies under it with an exceptional history of delivering unparalleled work in improving the Transport Sector of India through diverse projects in the past three decades. Shimnit India was founded in the year 1987 and has since been working relentlessly for projects as wide-ranging as manufacturing and marketing of High-Security License Plates, Retro Reflective Sheeting, Road pavement markers, etc.

Nitin Shah Learning phase

Nitin Shah started working when he was 17 for his father’s foundry business. He learnt extensively under his father’s guidance. His own passion was fuel to the fire.  His avid learning personality and motivation to build his own business helped him pick up skills from intelligent individuals around him. The process of working as exclusive distributors of few products like graphite, silicon, stainless steel, seamless pipes helped him grow his father’s business. Their global partners added to their success; like distribution of Japanese isotropic graphite for various industries such as Diamond tool manufacturers, continuous casting, plant owners, Defense establishments other products like carbon fibre for defence/space applications.

Nitin Shah Business life

In 1987, Nitin shah finally decided to step out of his family business and start his own business. That was when Shimnit India was born. Because of his experience of working with global partners and his courageous personality, all his global partners collaborated with him instantly for Shimnit India. Nitin Shah’s love for travel was a great contributor to his success. Enjoying and learning about cultures and the taking time to understand the people is what set him apart.

Japan was his second home and one of the biggest contributors to his success. Few of his Japanese business partners and clients include Hitachi Maxell, Kiwa chemical company Ltd, NZKNTK – Ceramic Piezo for Lighters, Machita – Electric power tools, Ishikawa Kogyo Manufactures of Stone Breaking and drilling machines, Mia Mada- Automatic drillers for an electric tool.

Nitin’s visit to Amsterdam for the intertraffic exhibition helped boost his business even more as he decided to start building the Retro-Reflective sheets market in India. High-security number plates entered the Indian market as Nitin Shah was the first person to give a presentation to the Ministry of Road Transport in 1996. He met with the then Prime Minister and the ministry of road transport and soon a committee was formed for the same. Shimnit and Kiwa light gave a joint presentation and this helped boost his business all over India. This was because, in 2001, the country changed the rule and made high-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) compulsory for building in the whole change in the road transport and security sector.

Though Nitin Shah always had a business mindset he also gave equal importance to prioritizing his family and being a good son, husband and father. His family had a business mindset which is why all his family members were supportive of his dreams and were there for each other through all the highs and lows. Over time, Nitin was joined by his son Rushang Shah who now directs and contributes to his business.