Things to Avoid Doing When Sending Your Dress To A Wedding Gown Preservation Company

Weddings are such a personal and memorable event for couples. Other than pictures, what better way to immortalize these sweet wedding memories than to preserve your wedding dress? This way, you can even pass it down to the women in your family for the years to come.

You have the option to preserve your wedding dress. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of the whole wedding gown preservation process yourself, you can always opt for companies that specialize in cleaning and preserving a wedding dress.

Some of these companies offer a hassle-free process wherein you simply send them your wedding dress, they do their magic, and then you just sit and wait until they ship the cleaned and preserved wedding dress back to you.

If you are a new bride and you are interested in preserving wedding dresses, it is important to know the things and situations that you should avoid when you send your dress to a wedding dress preservation company.

Not Doing Your Research

Do not ship your wedding gown to a company unless you fully trust them and their service. Do your research and check multiple companies’ services, price lists, and reviews on their websites or social media accounts before you take your pick. If you are going for a rush order, make sure to know the company’s turnaround time. The entire process of the preservation of wedding dress may take around six to eight weeks.

Waiting Too Long

Many factors can stain your dress on your wedding day. The bad thing about this is that, even after your wedding dress has been cleaned, some of these stubborn stains may still be hiding, undetected in plain sight.

These stains can set over time and can cause more damage and discoloration in the long run. To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to send your wedding dress to a preservation company within three to four weeks after your wedding day.

Trying to Remove Stains On Your Own

You might be tempted to remove the stains on your wedding dress yourself. You might think to yourself, “It’s just a little stain. I’ll just look for some home remedies on the Internet. That’ll surely help.” WRONG. Some of these home remedies can set the stain on your wedding dress, causing more damage over time.

Leave the stain removal to the experts because it’s usually already part of most wedding dress preservation packages. These experts can determine the safest way to remove the stain on your dress without causing any further damage.

Choosing a Gown Cleaner Over a Specialist

Thoroughly dry cleaning a wedding dress isn’t enough if you want to preserve it for a long time. Yes, cleaning the wedding dress is important; it is the first step in the whole wedding dress preservation process.

However, it is important to hire specialists who preserve wedding gowns professionally because they’re more knowledgeable about the chemicals or cleaning agents that they have to use on your dress. By choosing a specialist, you can be assured that your dress won’t be damaged during the whole cleaning process.

Not Specifying Special Cleaning Instructions

People who preserve wedding dresses professionally will use different kinds of agents or chemicals to clean your dress, depending on the dress material. Therefore, before you send your wedding gown to the preservation company, make sure to check your dress for any tags containing any special cleaning instructions.

If there is, make sure to inform the company about the special cleaning instructions to make sure that they know what chemicals or practices they should avoid putting on or doing to your dress.