Things to know before buying platform ladders

Uses, Benefits over ordinary ladders and Factors to consider before buying

Any industry or factory and many other commercial activities involve working at heights where normally our hands would not reach. In fact, working in such places needs the use of a platform ladder and can be several feet from the ground.

It is not only used to reach the places far away but also used for working comfortably and easily at heights. They come in different shapes and sizes. Industries and companies buy them based on the application and point of use. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them are specialized for certain tasks and jobs.

They have multiple functions and are highly versatile for use in industry. They have been tested for their safety features and are the best for use by a company’s employees.


They are widely used in the warehouses and logistics department or companies for storing and moving out goods.

They are also used in constructional, repairing and maintenance work. Apart from commercial uses they can also be used in wide range of household purposes. Sometimes they are also used in retail shops for storing the various stationery items.

Why are platform ladders more important than ordinary ladders for commercial purposes?

The commercial use involves the lifting or moving out of heavy goods and thus the load factor is generally much higher. So the structure of the performance ladder has to be very rigid and stable to provide enough support for heavy uses.

A platform ladderhas a lot of space on the platform. This ensures that workers can work safely and freely. Also, commercial purposes can mean hazard risk from fire and electricity. So these ladders have to be made from materials that are not conductors of heat and electricity.

Also when used in construction purposes they have to be highly resistant to the different weather conditions like heat, rainfall, snow humidity etc.

Factors to consider while buying them

It is important to make a note of a few things. Commercial activities can vary widely and the applications of the ladders thus differ as well. Here are some of the things you need to check to ensure the safety of your employees-

Take the load factor into account

This is the most important thing to check for. Aluminium ladders are the best for construction activities as they involve heavy goods movement. So make sure that your ladder can support the weight.

Make sure it is material is not a combustible or electrical conductor

It is important to check the composition material as well. Fibreglass ladders are best if there is a risk of fire or electric shock hazard.

Make sure that it is non-corrosive

It should not corrode due to the humidity, rainfall and extreme heat.

Take the height factor into account

It is imperative to find out the height you may be working at. Make sure that the ladder has enough height range.