Things you Must Check Before opt for your DSLR Camera Insurance

DSLR camera

Digital SLR cameras are utilized for professional photography as these are light-weight, compact, and offer exceptional quality pictures. Understandably, the price of a DSLR camera can go as high as up to a few lakhs and may start from Rs. 11,000 or so. In case there is an unforeseen accident or situation with such expensive gadgets, individuals may have to face substantial financial loss. Acquiring a DSLR camera insurance policy hence can provide financial aid against the losses. 

Consequently, it is an important measure that an individual must take to safeguard their expensive gadgets and claim financial benefits for unwanted circumstances. 

Furthermore, it is of equal importance to weigh the benefits of DSLR camera insurance in India so that individuals’ acquire a policy that provides them with high sum assured in nominal premium charges. Consider the following points before purchasing a DSLR insurance policy –

  1. Coverage limitations 

Before purchasing an insurance policy, candidates must be aware of the extension of coverage that it offers. Some policies may not cover certain incidents and causes of damage. Therefore, make sure to assess an insurance policy based on the prospective incidents as mentioned below –  

  • Perils caused by a fire incident 

Any damage caused to your DSLR camera because of a fire incident can be claimed for reimbursement by informing the insurance issuer via reported means of communication. 

  • Financial coverage against accidental damage of DSLR camera

Individuals can acquire compensation for their broken or damaged DSLR camera by providing required details of accident and DSLR invoice etc.

  • Financial coverage against burglary and robbery 

Financial institutions offering DSLR camera insurance plans also provide users with financial compensation for loss due to burglary or theft of cameras. 

  • Financial coverage against the mechanical breakdown of the camera

Candidates should ensure that their insurance issuer provides financial coverage for cases when a DSLR camera experiences a mechanical breakdown. As these cases can happen to anyone, acquiring an insurance policy beforehand will keep you financially secure in case such unforeseen circumstances arise.  

Moreover, Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC that offers a DSLR Camera Insurance plan that provides financial coverage against theft, robbery, burglary, fire incident, etc. by paying easy premiums. Candidates can claim compensation against loss/ damage of DSLR within the vicinity of geographical limits. 

  1. Geographical limitations

Insurance policies may define their policy terms based on the geographical limitation of the device. Any unfortunate events caused beyond the geographical proximity mentioned in terms of camera insurance policy will prevent individuals from claiming the financial benefits coupled with it. 

  1. Sum assured for the insurance policy 

Opting for a policy that offers a high sum insured can help individuals acquire necessary financial benefits. Few financial institutions can offer insurance cover up to Rs. 25,000 at nominal premium payment. 

Professional photographers that work with high-end technological gadgets in their studio may as well need to secure and monitor their office space, which can be supervised by installing CCTV cameras. This stationery camera surveillance is a much-needed aid for professionals. Likewise, availing a CCTV camera insurance policy shall ease their monetary worries in case it experiences loss/damage due to unforeseen situations. 

Ease in claim of policy 

Take into account the ease of raising a claim when opting for an insurance aggregator. Leading financial companies provide consumers with multiple options to request a claim like calling a toll-free number, via email, or via their official website. Candidates can request this claim by providing an invoice of their DSLR camera along with the claim form. 

The professional photographers utilizing DSLR cameras also require other small gadgets like chargers, power banks, etc. for their professional endeavors. And encountering a problem with the devices can hamper their workflow unless they get it repaired. Hence, having financial assistance by purchasing small gadgets insurance policy can keep your small gadgets insured. 

Reasonably, DSLR cameras are an expensive gadget, and the price is reasonably high because of the quality and clarity of professional photographs clicked with it. And meeting misfortunate events can not only hamper the workflow but put one in a situation of financial loss. Thus, acquiring an insurance policy that has several benefits, as mentioned above will keep the insured individual financially protected.