Three Benefits of Wearing Weighted Vest

weighted vest

Weighted vests and electronic load cells are just that: wearable weighted weights worn during workouts for cardio and weight training. The weights can range in weight from one pound to five pounds. Some electronic load cells can even be loaded with water to simulate a pool or sauna. Most weighted vests will also accommodate additional weights or multiple bars for increased lifting weight.

Weighted vests were originally developed for Olympic weightlifting. In the Olympics, athletes typically wear a special “competition” weight vest, which provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. They may use a single type of electronic or magnetic device or mix both, according to the events they’re competing in. Vests are a great way to improve body weight or cardio strength without stressing the joints. They can be worn during free weight exercises, as well as weight lifting.

There are several different ways to incorporate a weighted vest into your workout routine. For example, I’ve used a weighted vest for back pain and neck pain exercises. I wear the weighted vest during my back stretching exercises and add them to my free weight workouts. The added resistance forces me to work through those sore muscles, while at the same time strengthening the ones I need. After wearing a weighted vest for awhile, I don’t remember the specific soreness I felt, but I remember how much stronger my back muscles feel.

I also wear a weighted vest when I run. I first noticed this when I wore a vest to do interval training sessions. I found that I could get faster results because the additional weight helped me lift more weight. Running is a lot harder on the legs and lower back than it is the arms, and the extra weight does wonders for protecting these areas. It makes running a safer exercise for everyone.

  • Another great benefit of wearing vests when you perform free weight exercises is that it strengthens the muscles in your arms and chest. The reason I love these vests so much is because they force you to work out those muscles, which improves your strength. It’s similar to the way that weight lifting helps build your biceps and chest. Vests allow you to do compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups.
  • Another benefit of these vests is that they are great for lower body exercises. For example, if you perform bench presses, your legs and back to help support your bodyweight. If you add extra weights by wearing a weighted vest, your legs and back muscles will have extra support, making it easier for you to do your other lower body exercises, like squats and dead lifts.
  • The last benefit I want to talk about is how much fun it is to wear a weighted vest. A weighted vest looks good and it feels good. It’s a great addition to any workout because it motivates you to do more. Vests also allow you to adjust the weight, so you can do exercises based on your weight, rather than on what you think is “gripping” or what you think “feels” good. For example, you can add more weights to a weighted vest if you’re doing bench presses and not have to worry about a spotter.

There are many benefits of using weighted vests when you perform free weight exercises. They look great, they feel great, and they help you do your free weight exercises better. The next time you do a workout, don’t let the excuse that you don’t have enough time stop you from performing your best. By wearing weight vests, you’ll be able to perform your weight lifting exercises better, faster.