Tips and Tricks for Ready Mix Cement

The satisfaction of completing a construction project on your own is on another level. Because short cutwork has the risk of damages.

As you know, some projects like; concrete work, plumbing, and electrical work demand extra care and experts. And when using a concrete mix screed, you will be able to prepare the base.

Want to know more about ready mix cement? This article is for you! Here we have mentioned tips and tricks for ready mix cement. 

Before going so far, let’s take a quick review of ready mixed concrete.

What is Ready Mix Concrete And Its Benefits?

Ready-mixed screed or concrete includes certain amounts of sand, water, rock, and cement mixed together. However, the quality of the final product relies on the usage of the materials, the climatic conditions, and many other factors.

One more reason for the popularity of concrete screed mix is because the local concrete supplier can create batches of concrete. And those are specific to the work and precise in material, texture, and measurement.

The ready mix concrete offers a guaranty of higher sustainability and durability. So, this concrete is higher in quality and more precise because expert suppliers work on it.

Benefits of Using Ready-Mix Concrete:

  • Concrete screed mix is made within specific conditions to balance the consistency of the quality material.
  • Lesser on-site space is needed because it supplies in-transit mixers.
  • It is batched as a material, so on-site wastage is zero.
  • Better handling and proper mixing lead to less consumption of cement by approximately 12%.
  • Ready-mix on-site concrete is better because it helps in reducing dust and saves a huge quantity of cement.
  • By using this concrete, the structure achieves durability.

Tips and Tricks for Ready Mix Cement

Well, we understand it’s not easy to know the exact use of cement. Let’s check out the top 11 tips for mixing the ready mix cement.

  • Don’t be greedy, it means order quality material. Try to add 10% to compensate for grade variations and spills. Seeking for saving a little may head you towards paying more.
  • Generally concrete “cures” by the chemical process by passing days. So for avoiding cracks cover it with damp fabric or plastic.
  • For additives strengthen, add color then slow down or speed up cure time. It is available for both ready-mix and premixed bags.
  • Generally, concrete need extra support for strength— wire mesh, steel rebar, and many more.  Ask for suggestions from an experienced person or contractor.
  • You might already know that the cement is caustic. Remember, wearing gloves, eye protection, and wash off your skin immediately. Try not to inhale the dust.
  • The measurement of concrete strength is calculated in PSI (pounds per square inch). It indicates the weight it can bear or support.
  • If you add more cement to the mixture the overall strength can be increased.
  • The delivery cost of weekend ready-mix is approximately 5 % to 10 % extra.
  • If you pump concrete from the truck to the construction site, there will be further charges or prices. Instead of returning ready-mix trucks or disposing of order overages, you can plan further. It could be using such as stepping stones, flag poles, fence posts, etc.
  • One cubic yard of ready-mix yields nine contractor-size wheelbarrows of concrete.
  • Remember, smooth concretes are not always useful. Try to leave the top of footings and foundations rough for a stronger bond with mortars. You can also use a broom to form walks and runs for safety.

When intermittent placing of concrete or quality is needed, ready-mixed concrete is beneficial. Also, this type of cement is ideal for huge tasks. It needs a special place or a room for aggregate stockpiles and mixing plants.

The principal kinds of ready mixed concrete are:

Truck Mixed

The truck mix is also known as transit-mixed concrete. In this, supplies are batched at a focal plant then mixed completely in the truck in transit.

Often, in transit, the concrete is partially mixed. After that, mixing gets completed at the construction site. Transit-mixing retains the water separate from the cement and aggregates. Furthermore, it enables the concrete to be combined instantly before placing it at the construction site.

Shrink Mixed Concrete

Generally, shrink-mixed concrete is used to enhance the loading capacity of trucks and grasp the benefits of transit-mixed concrete.

The concrete is half mixed at the plant in shrink-mixed concrete. It shrinks or reduces the volume of the mixing. At last, the mixture is completed at the construction site or in transit. 


We hope this article might have completed your requirements. Now you will be able to mix ready mix screed or cement properly. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your local concrete supplier for further information before starting any project. 

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