Tips And Tricks to use Instagram to Grow Your Blog

Tips And Tricks to use Instagram to Grow Your Blog

Instagram is a perfect platform for growing any business and a blog. Just open Instagram right now and enter any hashtag. It could be cox bill pay or #ellendegeneres and you will see all posts on Instagram with these hashtags.

The quality of Instagram is it allows you to build a community around your blog or business. You connect with that community and it keeps on growing. There’s no other social media channel that offers such benefits.

When Instagram is used the right way, it drives more traffic to your blog and increases sales, too. If you are a rookie, these tips and tricks are exactly what you need to leverage Instagram for growing your blog:

1: Add a Blog Link in Bio

On Instagram, there is only one place where you add a clickable link to your blog and that is your Instagram bio.

All you have to do is copy and paste the link to your blog there. Time after time, keep on updating the link in the bio. For instance, whenever you upload a new blog, add its link in the bio to let your audience know what’s now. This will drive more traffic to the intended link.

2: Share Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are perfect to show people the real you. This is exactly where they will connect with you. Fans would love to see who you are and what you are doing from these stories.

But don’t just limit the use of stories to show your real side. Use it for providing free information and value to your audience. Point them towards the resources on your blog.

3: Use Posts to Speak to Your Audience

Don’t flood your Instagram feed with unrelated posts. Whatever content you post must connect with your readers. Anything and everything you post is for them. So ask what they like to see.

Whenever you write a post, write in such a way that it feels you are talking to your readers. Most of all, the post as well as captions must resonate with them.

4: Create a Theme

Instagram is all about visuals. If you check Instagram accounts of other blogs or influencers, you will see a color theme dominant in all these posts. A strong and consistent feed starts with your brand colors.

5: Be Consistent

In order to grow your blog through Instagram, consistency is the key. Make a content calendar outlining when you are going to post and how often. To save yourself time, schedule photos, and posts in advance. Use tools like CoSchedule or Hootsuite to schedule your content. Remember that when you fail to be consistent on Instagram, your followers might lose interest in you.

6: Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords. People use then to find you and follow you. On Instagram, people can also follow a particular hashtag. This is a great opportunity to show up in the feed of even those who haven’t yet followed your account.

You may use up to 30 hashtags per post. However, it’s important to use only those hashtags that are relevant to your niche and post. The use of the wrong hashtag will bring traffic for sure but it won’t be your ideal traffic.

7: Network with Other Bloggers

Don’t neglect the importance of building a community with other bloggers in your niche. This would expose your content to a new audience who might actually benefit from your content.

To search for bloggers in your niche, search for brands, influencers, or accounts that complement your interest. They could also be in the same industry as you. Interact with them and even support them. Comment, like, and share. They would do the same on your account.

Once they notice you, it’s time to introduce yourself. Discuss any opportunity for a partnership or future collaboration. Use hashtags to find bloggers in your niche on Instagram.

8: Bring Traffic through Instagram Ads

Once you have done all of the above, add one last secret ingredient to bring traffic to your blog. Use ads for promoting your content on Instagram. The good news is that these ads are not expensive at all.

You just have to set a budget and you are ready to use Instagram ads for driving traffic. These ads allow you to select where you want to send the audience. Instagram lets you create your own target audience or let the platform target people for you.

9: Keep on Engaging

Don’t forget to engage with your audience to build a great community. Whenever your followers leave a comment, reply to them. This builds a relationship of trust.

10:  Install the Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

On your blog, install the Instagram feed pro plugin.  I stumbled upon this feature when I was reading a blogpost on Cox hidden fees. The blogger had his blog linked to Instagram feed. I Googled this up to learn how to add this feature on my blog too.

The Instagram feed pro plugin lets you add a customized responsive feed from Instagram into your blog. This is very helpful in increasing engagement, likes, and getting more followers. Also, your blog looks awesome.