Tips & Hacks to Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptop Battery

Taking good care of your laptop all the time isn’t less than a hassle-full job especially when it comes to ensuring the prolonged existence of the battery as well as saving a lot of juice for another specific task. Well, it’s no longer a daunting or hassle-full job to maintain your laptop’s Battery smartly as these guidelines and steps will guarantee that you can massively get a lot more juice to perform a couple of other things.

Before digging into the steps and guide, let us mention that the major source of such problems entirely depends on how we use laptops. So, pay close attention to the tips & hacks to improve the battery life of your laptop suggestively.

Don’t Put Laptop in Extreme Temperature

Extreme temperature means either too cool or too hot, which can massively impact on your laptop. Putting your laptop in too cool or too hot temperature means it drains the battery super-fast and decreases its overall health within a couple of days.

Connect Charger Before It Reaches to 0%

Most of the people don’t connect the charger until it reaches to 0% it’s because sometimes the excitement of watching movies, performing tasks or playing games don’t let you remember to connect the charger. Make sure you plug the charger if the % is below 20 waiting for 0% can be fatal and cause serious damage of components in the battery.

Always Prefer Low-Screen Light

Do you prefer operating your laptop at the highest brightness? Then this step is particularly for you as more brightness means more battery usage. So, it’s a smart move to decrease the brightness enough to save power for other important tasks. Be mindful that using the highest brightness drains the battery fast and most important of all, it’s not really good for your eye health.

Prefer Activating Power-Saver Mode

There are a wide range of laptops in the market, equipped with balance mode and quite a few other features to improve battery life. So, if you are in need to improve the battery of your laptop, you’ll need to change the power settings through a control panel, or you can click on the battery icon which is positioned in the taskbar. Open up the battery settings and make sure you turn on the Power-Saver Mode. Manufacturers add this feature particularly to extend the battery life.

Use Original Charger & Cable

It’s always important to use the original cable and AC Adapter provided by the laptop’s manufacturer when you bought a new laptop. Be noted that using a local or low-quality adapter can create a lot of problems such as it makes electrical current unstable which ultimately leaves a negative impact on the battery. Moreover, the battery can get damaged quickly.

Wrapping Up

If you have some journey plans, and not carrying a laptop along, then it’s a smart move to remove the battery. However, if you can’t remove it, make sure you don’t charge it fully or leave at 0%. Place it in a normal temperature with more than 50% juice in the tank. That’s it! These ways are considered to be the best to increase the battery life of your laptop. It’s too easy to practice them on a daily basis with ease.