Tips To Buy The Best Mosque Carpets

Mosque carpets

While shopping for mosque carpets, need to keep a few things in mind. Round-shaped mosque carpets and intricately-laced carpets are the two most known styles. Quilted carpets also come in many designs. They help individuals organize neatly around the mosque.

Another thing people need to consider is the material from which the mosques carpets made. The traditional materials used for Ramadan carpets in mosques and other public buildings were wool and cotton. Nowadays, other materials, including artificial fibers, have started being used. Some experts say that ax-minster carpet made with polyester is superior to carpeting made with polypropylene.

Different Materials Used To Made Mosque Carpets

Another thing to keep in mind is the construction of the mosque carpet. Wool is the most common type of fabric for mosque carpets. But, there are polyester and nylon fiber mosque carpets available. The latter has been used more lately because it resists damage from ultraviolet rays. Mosque carpets made with polyester and nylon are more durable than ones made with wool.

If you are looking for designs, there are literally thousands of different styles and designs for you to choose from. Some people like to buy carpets with motifs printed on them. There are some amazing designs available on modern Muslim maids. Many of these designs are inspired by the traditional Islamic motifs that appear in mosques. The most common motifs seen on mosque carpets are the two stairway patterns, the arched door, and the crescent.

Some of the more common carpet styles for mosques:

Axminster Carpet:

One of the most popular patterns used in Mosque carpets is called the Axminster carpet. This style is made from a mixture of polyester and acrylic yarn. Axminster carpet is often use for flooring in worship areas. Its durability, thickness, and great appearance had made it very popular in the past and still remains highly popular in the present.

Round-Patterned Mosque Carpet:

The round-style or stripe rug is the most traditional carpet style use in mosque carpet designs. These carpeting styles come in many different colors, meaning that homeowners can find any color they want. The homeowners can get the exact size they need for their home. Large carpets usually used in large rooms.

Perlew Mosque Carpets:

The third type of common mosque carpet is called a Perlew. Perlew was traditionally made from wool, but due to modern-day manufacturing techniques, is now commonly made from polyester and polypropylene fibers. Like many mosque carpets, the pellet is fairly easy to clean and maintain. Some people choose to laminate their Perlew to protect it against fading. The downside of laminated Mosque carpets is that the colors tend to fade over time, which can make the carpet resemble worn and faded furniture.

Wool Carpets:

The most widely used type of mosque carpet is the wool carpet. Wool carpets used in mosques have been around for a long time, but in the past few decades, they have become extremely popular. Wool carpets feature great resistance to staining, and because of this many wool carpets still serve as the standard in mosque carpet designs. Woven wool Ramadan carpets in Dubai can also be very elegant and can add great style to any room.


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