Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Platforms

Watching movies and TV shows on-demand is definitely a great way to relax. However, combining multiple streaming services for the highest quality can easily become a significant monthly expense. What about free streaming sites?

You will be surprised that a very good selection of movie streaming sites offer your content for free. Some of you may not even need to register. More importantly, many of them have high-budget films.


Look movie is a great free streaming platform. All the recently released content will not only bring almost all possible classic classics but will also appeal to those looking for the latest cinematic works. As with Netflix and other movie streaming services, keep in mind that content may be available for a limited time.

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PlutoTV connects you to dozens of content providers in one place – and you don’t have to pay a dollar.

When you open PlutoTV, you will see dozens of different channels. Click on the channel and the selected live broadcast will begin. Upon closer inspection, you will find channels for older movies and you will find channels that will satisfy even viewers looking for newer titles.

And of course, if you don’t want to watch a movie live, there’s a large on-demand content library that gets new titles on a regular basis.


When we talk about Soap 2day, it’s a great free streaming platform. This is due to the fact that new content and high-quality tv shows regularly appear on the platform.

Another good news is that it runs on almost any imaginary platform or device. This means that you can create a library of locally stored content and then add a free media streaming service. Also keep in mind that Soap2day can be used online, including free streaming content.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV also has an interesting library of television programs based on dramas, comedies, crime, action and documentaries. In terms of available movies and TV shows, the Tubi TV library dates from 1970-2010.

Much of the library on this website consists of independent films and ancient classics. If this is your thing, you will find that Tubi TV is a great resource. He reportedly purchased more than 8,500 films in partnership with Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate.


ConTV offers an extensive library of movies, many from independent studios and individuals. That’s why you will find much lesser known names here and trust us – they are not afraid to get into controversial topics.

However, I must tell you that not all of its content is available for free. However, be careful not to create an account. Just connect to the internet, find free names (they are easy to find because they are clearly marked) and start broadcasting.

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