Top 5 options for Skill Development Programme

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According to the Skill India Report of 2019, nearly 45.6% of graduates securing their degree from any Indian educational institution are capable of employment. On the other hand, the proportion of skilled workers in India is only 4.69%. This gap between securing educational qualification and being eligible for employment is created owing due to lack of profession-specific skills. To bridge it, the Government of India has launched various skill India training courses. 

By introducing such courses, the Government aims at providing more than 40 crore individuals with opportunities for various skill development. After completing these courses, youth will be able to enhance their working skills, eventually boosting the country’s economic development. 

List of skill development programmes 

The Government of India has taken the initiative to train the youth with proper job-oriented skills so that they can earn more and secure better livelihood. In general, students who wish to register for any skill development courses have to spend substantial money on that. Thereby, they often avail loan against property to finance such expenditure. But in this case, the training and assessment fees are borne by the Government. Thus, individuals who wish to enhance their working skills and make a prosperous career out of it can apply for skill India registration to enrol for these courses.  

Following are top 5 such courses – 

  1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 

PMKVY is a government scheme to train individuals in industry-relevant skills. Generally, this initiative is extended towards those who are school or college dropouts. It is a short term course of 150 to 300 hours, depending on the varied job roles. 

Moreover, on the successful completion of courses under this scheme, the training partners will provide employment support so that enrolled individuals can secure a job through a skill development programme. Along with that, under this scheme, individuals with prior learning experience will be certified with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 


Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion is a government initiative to train Indian youth with quality and market-related skills. This project was launched on 19th January 2018. SANKALP is introduced to address different recurrent challenges such as infusing quality, brining convergence into a training module. This scheme is funded via –

  • Loan assistance from World Bank (Rs.3300 crore)
  • Contribution of states (Rs.660 crore)
  • Industry contribution (Rs.495 crore) 

With the help of a thematic workshop and other means, the participants under this scheme can improve their skills tenfold and look for their suitable jobs. Nonetheless, if you want to enrol yourself in such courses from any reputed private training organisation, you can also apply for a loan against property to finance your skill training. 

  1. UDAAN 

It is an exclusive industry initiative that covers the residents of Jammu and Kashmir. The primary agenda of this training course is to increase the scope of employability of the youths belonging to this state. As per the official record, since 2015 till date, 10,555 participants have joined this initiative, and 4,984 placement offers have been extended.

The graduates, post-graduates and three-year engineering diploma holders of J&K are eligible to participate in this scheme. It is set up with two main objectives; grooming and training youths for corporate India and giving the employers a chance to explore the talent pool of this state.  

  1. Polytechnic Schemes 

This initiative began with the mission to empower unreserved and under-served districts by setting up new polytechnic institutions. Along with that, it also aims at community development, integrating people with disabilities into the mainstream and so on. 

  1. Vocationalisation of Education 

It is one of the skill India training courses that cover both school and higher education. Individuals with different qualifications will be trained to fit into the education sector. With the help of efficient training partners, on-job internship and other facilities, enrolled candidates are trained to find their niche in this particular sector. 

Nonetheless, you have to meet the eligibility criteria if you want to enrol yourself into any of these training courses under skill India. In case you fail to do so, you can still upgrade your skills by choosing other self-financed training courses. For that, you can even avail a loan against property for education to fund your training. 

Several lender institutions offer loan against property with easy repayment through lower EMIs, competitive interest rates, etc. They also provide pre-approved loan offers that make the entire process of loan application prompt and hassle-free. This offer is available for different financial products like loan against property, home loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing some essential information like your name and contact number. 

However, before enrolling for any of these skill India training courses check your eligibility for the same. Likewise also learn about the list of documents needed to apply for a loan against property, in case you have to finance any such training courses.