Top 5 Tips Which You Can Follow To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal


In today’s world, wireless networks have become a crucial part of our lives. These wireless networks enable our smart devices to connect with the internet. There are some instances when we face issues regarding the signals of our wireless networks, as a result of which the internet speed on our smart devices becomes very slow. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips with the help of which you will be able to increase or boost the signal of your Wi-Fi Device. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Choosing a central location:This may sound a bit strange to you, but choosing the right location for your Wi-Fi router can be a key to increase your Wi-Fi signal. You must understand that your Wi-Fi signal will become weaker as the signal has to travel further. Moreover, the Wi-Fi signal is also interrupted by the physical barriers like walls. This is the reason why it is important to choose the location which is in the central area of your premises.
  • Using a Wi-Fi Extender: You can amplify the signal of your Wi-Fi device with the help of a Wi-Fi Extender or Wi-Fi Repeater. Moreover, they are easy to install. For this, Mywifiext can be used, which basically helps in setting up the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender. It is one of the most efficient Wi-Fi Extenders available in the market. There are also many Wi-Fi booting apps which can be used by you in order to boost the speed of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Update Regularly: Your Wi-Fi signal strength is controlled by the Firmware which is like an operating system for your Wi-Fi device. When you update your firmware, you get new updates for your security and other important features. Thus, if you don’t update your firmware on time, you may miss out some important updates which are able to boost the signal and performance of your wireless network. Moreover, updating the outers on regular time intervals also helps in preventing viruses and malware.
  • Using a better antenna: Wi-Fi signal can also be enhanced by replacing your older Antenna with a better one. Routers when purchased, usually come with small and weak antennas. Thus, by replacing those small antennas with bigger ones, you will be able to get a better Wi-Fi speed than before. Usually, a 9 dBi antenna is considered better for strong Wi-Fi performance. There are many other variants available in the market.
  • Removing the Leeches: By ensuring that your Wi-Fi router is appropriately encrypted and secured, you can boost its speed. Password should also be changes at regular time intervals. This tip simply considers the fact that sharing the Wi-Fi signals with many unwanted smart devices can lower the speed of it very much. If you are having guests in your house, you can make a different guest access with a speed limiter, which hardly affects your Wi-Fi signal’s performance.

These were the top 5 tips which could be followed by the people in order to increase the speed of their Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi networks. Mywifiext support system can be called through the IP address

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